In Stock - Last chance to buy at 2023 prices!

In Stock – Last chance to Buy at 2023 Prices!

As we’re getting closer to the end of 2023, we just wanted to give you a quick update on what we have in stock at the moment. Our current stock includes complete Data Recorder Systems and related spares, Interfaces, BNWAS spares, and many other components.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to purchase popular stock items at 2023 prices!

X2 VDR Square Image 1000x800X2 System

The X2 Solid-State Voyage Data Recorder is fast becoming the VDR system of choice, being a high-performance technology system that provides unparalleled reliability with a seamless user experience.

The X2 Series of VDR goes beyond the IMO regulation requirements and is a powerful bridge monitoring tool that enables users to view voyage data in real-time.

With its cutting-edge technology, this VDR system is becoming more recognised by many technicians around the world due to its being used as a base system for other well-known major brands too. The X2 VDR is a low-cost high quality must-have for all Commercial Maritime fleet vessels.

X2 Spares

  • DSP-0020 Touch Screen Display for the X2 VDR/S-VDR
  • CAP-0013 Tron 40VDR AIS EPIRB
  • CAP-0001 Fixed X999-N Recoverable Capsule

X-VHFRX-VHFR System - No background Square - AMI Marine copy

The X-VHFR by AMI is the ultimate solution for recording VHF audio and NMEA data. With its 1TB removable drive, it offers up to 300 days of storage, making it the most efficient and reliable choice for recording.

  • 7″ Colour Touch Screen
  • Audio Inputs for VHF or Mics
  • NMEA and GPS Inputs

*AMI replay software included with the purchase




AMI Marine’s X-MDR is the ultimate solution for those who demand the best. With an expanded version of the X-VHFR, it offers a recording function for all usual NMEA 0183 information and image capture from Radar and ECDIS. Moreover, the X-MDR is highly configurable and can accommodate up to 8 CCTV cameras, making it the perfect choice for those who need dependable security and monitoring systems in place 24/7.

  • 13″ Colour Touch Screen
  • Real-time Surveillance
  • 2TB System storage

*AMI replay software included with the purchase

X-VCR Course Recorder SYS-0089


The X-VCR is a cutting-edge Paperless Course Recorder that confidently offers support for both paperless recording and traditional printing, presenting an ideal, cost-effective solution for vessels of any size.

  • Gyro Heading Display and Recording
  • GPS Data Display and Recording
  • Rate of Turn Display and Recording
  • Rudder Angle (Single or Dual Rudder) and more!

DSP-0003 X991 RangeX991 group image

This trusted Repeater unit is incredibly versatile and can be utilized in a wide range of applications, including Pitch and Roll Display, Tape Heading Repeater, Digital Rate of Turn, Water and Ground Speed Indicator, and Course Recorder. There are also several additional options available to further expand its functionality.

COR-0002 X991-C Course Recorder with Tape Heading Display

DSP-0003 X991-H Tape Heading Repeater

DSP-0004 X991-N Navigation Display for SMIDS

DSP-0005 X991-S Heads-Up Display for SMIDS

DSP-0006 X991-R Rate of Turn Indicator

DSP-0016 X991-L Speed Log Display

DSP-0017 X991-P Pitch and Roll Display


INT-0006 X910 –  Synchro to NMEA Interface

INT-0007 X920 – NMEA to Analogue Interface

INT-0013 X950 – Universal Interface

INT-0014 X960 – Synchro Interface – Low Power

INT-0016 2 Input 1 Output Audio Combiner Interface

INT-0020 X810-SI v4 – Officer Selector Interface v4

INT-0030 X12-DB – Data Buffer – 1 Input – 2 Output

INT-0033 X141-M – Data Combiner – 14 Input – 1 Output

INT-0055 X903-X9 – Synchro Retransmission Unit

BNWAS Spares

The X150 from AMI Marine is the ultimate BNWAS for fleet owners. Though it is no longer supplied for new installations, we carry numerous spares to keep existing systems in good functional order. This BNWAS system is specifically designed for vessels of any size and is carefully crafted to minimize costs. This BNWAS is incredibly easy to install and can even be fitted by the ship’s crew.

BUT-0004 X150-RI – Remote Acknowledge Panel with BeaconAMI BNWAS Systems Image

BUT-0005 X150-RE – Reset Panel – Beacon and Sounder – IP66

MEU-0001 X150-U BNWAS150 Interface Unit

KIT-0004 BNWAS 150 Core Elements Kit

The BNWAS X810 boasts a cutting-edge capacitive touch design that perfectly complements modern touch panel bridge layouts. Its modern aesthetics, intuitive interface, and user-friendly design make it an unbeatable choice. This, too, has been discontinued for new installations, but we can keep your existing X810 BNWAS in good working order for the next 5+ years!

BUT-0008 X810-D – Duty Officer Selector Panel

BUT-0009 X810-RE (RAP) – Beacon and Sounder

SEN-0002 X810-P Passive InfraRed Motion Sensor – Internal Use

SND-0002 Sounder Beacon – 12V – White with Red LED – v2.0

SND-0003 Sounder – 12V – White

Due to changes in BAM compliance, the AMI Marine X150 and X810 BNWAS systems are no longer certified for new installations, However – AMI Marine now offers an alternative BNWAS system for new installations; please click X160 BNWAS to learn more.

X-LTE rectangleX-LTE

Look no further! This compact LTE broadband antenna is the ultimate solution to extend your mobile Internet data range further offshore than any other 4G LTE system available today. With this compact antenna, you can now have access to affordable high-speed 4G data up to 100 NM offshore from land-based mobile phone masts, making it a game-changer for lower-cost coastal shipping data access.

X-VDR Spares

Although the X2 VDR has replaced the X-VDR, we still provide maintenance support and spares for these legacy VDR and S-VDR Systems.

  • DSP-0011 v2 – 8.4″ Touch Screen LCD
  • DSP-0018 v3 – 8.4″ Touch Screen LCD

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