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X2 VDR (S-VDR) from AMI MarineX2 Data Recorder Series

The X2 Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) is a solid-state, high-performance technology system that offers extreme reliability and a simple interactive user experience.
The X2 Series exceeds IMO MSC.333(90) regulations and allows playback of time-stamped vessel voyage data. It is built and configured to be compatible with your vessel, making it the dependable fit-and-forget VDR System.

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Why you need a Mini Data Recorder.

The AMI Mini Data Recorders are ideal for small workboat vessels under 3000 GRT. Due to its “dashcam” or “Mini VDR” type function, these vessels can always benefit from a data recorder. Mini Recorders can safeguard crew and vessel operations—even when an investigation takes place after an incident. Vessel operators with strict Health and Safety protocols will always benefit from these recorders during insurance investigations.
Harbours and Ports can also utilise the smaller X-VHFR recorders to monitor vessel movements at Port entry and exit points. The X-MDR recorders can capture VHF, AIS, Radar, ECDIS, and chart plotters and can be supplied with optional CCTV where required. Mini Data Recorders can be customised to record, store, and playback secure data on demand.

X-VHFR System - No background Square - AMI Marine copyX-VHFR Port & Small Vessel Data Recorder

Small Vessels, Ports and Harbour Data Recorder units.
The X-VHFR is AMI’s simple and efficient recorder. It captures VHF Audio and NMEA Data and can store up to 300 days of data.

  • 7″ Colour Touch Screen
  • Audio Inputs for VHF or Mics
  • NMEA, AIS and GPS Inputs
  • AMI replay software included with the purchase

X-MDR A ‘Dashcam’ for your ship!X-MDR System Image 1000x1000px 144dpi no background

AMI Marine’s X-MDR is an expanded version of the X-VHFR. It includes a recording function for all standard NMEA 0183 information, along with image capture from radar and ECDIS. An optional configuration allows for the inclusion of up to 8 dome CCTV cameras.

  • 10.1” Colour Touch Screen
  • Real-time Surveillance
  • AMI replay software included with purchase
  • Up to 4TB Storage.
  • VHF and bridge audio recording.
  • NMEA Data Recording.
  • Image Recording for Radar, ECDIS, Chart Plotter.

All AMI Marine Mini Data Recorders are compatible with NOVEGA fixed capsules or JOTRON float-free capsules.

X-VCR Course Recorder SYS-0089

X-VCR paperless Course Recorder

The X-VCR is the next-generation Course Recorder that supports digital course recording with playback and traditional dot-matrix printing. It offers a compact and cost-effective solution for any type of vessel, large or small.

  • Gyro Heading Display and Recording
  • GPS Data Display and Recording
  • Rate of Turn Display and Recording
  • Rudder Angle (Single or Dual Rudder) and more!

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