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X910 Synchro to NMEA Interface

SKU: INT-0006

X910 Synchro to NMEA Interface

Synchro signal to NMEA data converter with switch selectable voltage and ratio inputs, and data output set.

The X910 interface is a synchro to NMEA 0183 converter, accepting a wide range of synchro voltages and ratios.
Applications include gyro compass conversion for radar, ECDIS and heading displays, rudder sensor angle for use with a VDR and many more.

Several output data configurations may be selected such as $HEHDT for heading, $ROT for Rate of Turn, WIMWV for Wind Speed and Direction, among others. An “XDR” sentence may be output and used with a variety of synchro systems including speed log, telegraph, propeller pitch, rudder demand, etc.


  • Synchro input voltage easily selected via DIP switches
  • Up to AC 220V Synchro Reference and 90V Phase
  • Ratios and output sentences are easily selected via DIP switches
  • Data passthrough feature
  • Status LED shows if a valid ratio is received for the selected function
  • Certified to IEC60945

By AMI Marine Limited

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Item Measurements

144mm 222mm x 55mm

Item Measurements

144mm x 222mm x 55mm


X910 Data Sheet