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The AMI Marine X2 VDR & S-VDR System



AMI Marine has created the X2 Voyage Data Recorder which meets and exceeds the revised VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) performance standards of 1st July 2014. We have used over 25 years of data recording experience to create the simplest VDR system on the market, ensuring an unparalleled user experience for both the crew and engineers out in the field who we all depend on to keep these systems well maintained.


The X2 VDR provides a high-performance, reliable and competitively-priced solution to vessels of all types and sizes. In addition, the X2 is also available as an S-VDR configuration, allowing older vessels to continually meet legislative requirements without the expense of a full VDR installation.

Bigger is better, Superior User Experience. X2 Display and Software Overview

With the standard 8.4-inch colour touchscreen display, the X2 VDR provides a clear indication of the incoming sensor data, alerts, and system status for simple intuitive operation. The X2 system may also be supplied with a larger 9.7-inch touchscreen display, allowing better monitoring of the ship’s sensor data, radar, ECDIS images and bridge audio activity.

VDR Replay. Get what you need.

VDR Replay has the unique ‘Audio Scan’ feature, ‘AIS mapping’ and ‘Jump to Incident’ functions which allow for intuitive data review by engineers, ship’s crew, and accident investigators.




 Effortless Service.

To make service calls a simple experience, all configuration files are held in the capsules (Hardened and Float Free Capsule types) and on all storage drives. Therefore, installation of new operating drives, LTRM or capsule drives does not require the removal of any SD or TF cards, as all data is safely stored within key system components.

Customer Care, Keeps you going.

AMI Marine provides direct 24/7 remote assistance on all AMI products, and the X2 is no exception. Supported by simple and swift software updates, USB data extraction and diagnostic functions, we can provide quick and efficient remote support on rare occasions when you may require our support.

Planning Ahead, Future Proofed.Planning and training stock AMI Marine

The X2 meets and exceeds all current IMO requirements, from a large user display, extended and external storage options, simple service calls and ship-to-shore data access.  AMI continues to refine the features of our data recorder portfolio, ensuring a future-proof approach to keep up with industry and customer demands.

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X2 VDR MEUFEATURES:10x Audio Channels (8 bridge audio, 2 VHF audio)
20x NMEA Data Inputs
2x Video Inputs (ECDIS/Radar)
additional Video Input options available
2x Ethernet interface for Ship’s Network (ECDIS)
1x 1TB Drive – LTRM (30 Days)
Additional 1TB Drive RT Backup option available
DIMENSIONS: 500 x 570 x 160mm 12kg


9.7″ Capacitive Touch Screen Display for the X2 VDR/S-VDRFEATURES:High Resolution Touch Screen Display
 “On Demand” System Performance Test
 Ethernet Interface for Data Collection
 VESA mounting option
POWER:24vDC supplied from the MEU
DIMENSIONS:188 x 245 x 56mm 1.5kg



X2 PSUFEATURES:110 to 230vAC 50,60Hz
 Battery Backed
 AC Monitoring
 Battery Health Monitoring
POWER:24vDC Output
DIMENSIONS:400 x 300 x 210mm 9.8kg/22.8kg




External Microphone X-VDR, X2272FEATURES:IP67 Waterproof
Built in Self-Test
Environmental controls for audio optimisation
POWER:12vDC supplied from the MEU
DIMENSIONS:124 x 52.2 x 26.5mm 100g



Internal MicrophoneFEATURES:Built in Self-Test
POWER:12vDC supplied from the MEU
DIMENSIONS:124 x 52.2 x 26.5mm 100g



CAP-0001 Forward fixed capsule AMI Marine LtdFEATURES:64GB Solid State storage
 48 hours recording
 Supplied with 15m Cable
 Supplied with PT9 Ninety ULB
POWER:24vDC supplied from the MEU
DIMENSIONS:153 x 180 x 236mm 12kg



FEATURES:64GB Solid State storage
 48 hours recording
 Simple Ethernet connection
POWER:Supplied from the MEU
DIMENSIONS:553 x 236 x 214mm 2.9kg

VDR Datasheet
S-VDR Datasheet

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