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We are sponsoring penguins!

AMI Marine chooses to spread joy and kindness this festive season by sponsoring several Penguins instead of sending Christmas cards.

AMI Marine Sponsoring PenguinsWe believe in safeguarding our planet’s waters and continuously striving towards innovative solutions for marine data and navigation. Our unwavering commitment to reducing vessel emissions and protecting the environment is at the heart of everything we do.


Adorable penguins. Captivating, inquisitive – and incredibly vulnerable to threats like climate change.

Adopting will help protect penguins in the Antarctic and help fund vital work around the world. WWF supports penguins and broader work to help bring our planet back to life.


Penguin adoption supports long-term research on the Adélie penguins by researchers at the Dumont d’Urville station in Antarctica. Adélie penguins build their nests on rocky outcrops, but melting ice can flood the nests, being catastrophic for their breeding success. Scientists use GPS tags to understand penguin foraging behaviour at sea and monitor breeding performances to gather data to contribute to developing an MPA proposal in the East Antarctic Region.

Researchers, supported by penguin adopters, have used findings from their research to advocate for better protection of penguins in the Southern Ocean. In 2023, with support from WWF, they attended a climate conference in Paris to advocate for more Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica, which is crucial for the long-term survival of penguins. Only through the kind support of adopting can WWF’s work continue to protect such an iconic species and its wider ecosystem.

You can sponsor Penguins from WWF HERE!


WWF are the leading global environmental charity and are bringing our world back to life. With nature in freefall, WWF is urgently tackling the underlying causes that are driving the decline, and they are finding solutions so future generations have a world with thriving habitats and wildlife. It’s a huge challenge, but if we all act together, there is hope.

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