AMI Marine Event Roundup!

October event roundup!

AMI Marine travelled far this month to showcase our products and company at the Kormarine event in Busan, Korea and the American Maritime Forum in Miami, America. Here’s our roundup!



KorMarine Event - AMI Marine
Why did we go to Kormarine?

“Kormarine is an event that we’ve attended in years gone by, and we are now attending again in light of the launch of our brand new SMIDS Pro System. A number of our South Korean clients will be present for us to engage with them directly, giving us the opportunity to provide a detailed overview on what our SMIDS Pro System is capable of.” – Martin Cox

What is Kormarine?

Kormarine is an international marine exhibition to be held in Busan. Kormarine is one of the world’s leading Maritime Exhibitions, held every two years since 1978. More than 1,000 shipbuilding and marine industrial operators from over 40 countries and regions will exhibit.
At the venue, various exhibitors will introduce diesel engines, pumps, compressors, valves, navigation systems, communication equipment, ferries, boats, and ships. In addition, numerous seminars and workshops focusing on the latest topics in the industry are also held.

Kormarine event roundup 2023

Martin Griggs event roundup!

“I have had an amazing experience in Korea and at Kormarine. It was great to meet with our partners and customers during the show, and I’ve been hosted by a number of very generous companies over the week.

A big thanks to the SMI (Society of Maritime Industries) and the UK Embassy for hosting so many British companies with exciting and innovative solutions for the Maritime sector.

Kormarine event roundup 2023

A big thanks to AMI Corea for taking care of me during my stay and discussing exciting opportunities with the Korean shipyards for SMIDS Pro; it would not have been the same experience without them. Lastly, thank you to Zinnos for the fantastic food and the talks about our existing and future relationship for interfacing.

There were many interesting and enjoyable conversations at the show and over delicious meals, and I am very excited for what AMI Marine has in store with our Korean friends.”

Martin Grigg – International Service Manager

Kormarine event roundup 2023



AMF Event - AMI Marine

What are we sharing at the American Maritime Forum (AMF)?

“Ultimately, AMI’s there to share more about the technology that AMI specialises in. Namely the Voyage Data Recorders, the Mini Data Recorders and, of course, the new flagship product, SMIDS Pro. Following AMF, we’re seeing the Panama authorities to discuss the progression of the SMIDS Pro as a new navigational piece of technology for the Panama Canal.”

Why are we going to the American Maritime Forum?

“We are going to expand the brand of AMI within the Americas, North, Central and Southern America. There will be a number of ship owners, ship managers, shipyard suppliers, and shipyards present, and so we took the opportunity to attend. I will also participate in the Tuesday and Wednesday questions and answers panel discussion.” – Martin Cox.

What is the American Maritime Forum?

The American Maritime Forum, held in Miami from October 24 to 25, is set to gather industry stakeholders from shipowners and ship managers, builders, ports, classification societies, and technology companies to government bodies, policymakers and regulators.

The forum will provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate on strategies that will shape the maritime landscape in the United States and beyond.

With the maritime industry facing increasing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, this forum will explore innovative solutions for eco-friendly shipping, alternative fuels, and green technologies.

Keynote speakers and panel discussions will cover advancements in clean energy and emissions reduction.

The event will also feature digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence advancements. Attendees will learn about the benefits of smart shipping, including improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced safety measures.

Attendees can connect with industry peers, potential clients, and investors through structured networking sessions during the two-day event, including a gala cocktail party at the end of the first day.

Martin Cox took part in 2-panel discussions.

  • Focus on seafarers: ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the crew
  • Digitalisation in the maritime industry

American Maritime Forum 2023 round up - AMI Marine

Martin’s event roundup!

“The IGGS American Maritime Forum held in Miami this year has been an exciting opportunity to make connections with others in the Maritime industry, along with a diverse number of presentations and panel discussions.

I participated in 2 panel discussions, the first involving discussions on ‘Crew Safety of Seafarers’ and the second session involving ‘Digitalisation in the Maritime Industry’.

A big thank you to the IGGS Group for inviting me to participate, and thank you to the other panellists.”

Martin Cox – Company Director



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