All Things NMEA 0183! We are the Maritime Interface Specialists

Did you know that AMI Marine is the leading company in providing bespoke NMEA 0183 interface solutions? Our expertise ensures the successful integration of older Bridge and Navigation systems with current-day alternative replacements. We proudly offer a wide range of out-of-the-box and bespoke interface solutions that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

AMI Marine began as an interfacing specialist in 1995, and from that time until now, we have refined each of our interface products to suit the needs of aging vessels that are receiving retrofit replacement installations on the bridge. We are experts in creating bespoke solutions for specific vessel requirements and have refined legacy interface products to meet with modern interfacing demands.

Our AMI Team is at the forefront of system connectivity, ensuring older systems integrate with newer bridge equipment at the most affordable rates, so put us to the test and give us a try!

The X991 Ra​nge

X991 group imageThe X991 Repeater unit can be configured to function in multiple applications.

This includes a Pitch and Roll Display, Tape Heading Repeater, Digital Rate of Turn, Water and Ground Speed Indicator and Course Recorder, with further options available.

  • X991-C Course Recorder with Tape Heading Display
  • X991-H Tape Heading Repeater
  • X991-N Navigation Display for SMIDS
  • X991-S Heads-Up Display for SMIDS
  • X991-R Rate of Turn Indicator
  • X991-L Speed Log Display
  • X991-P Pitch and Roll Display

X950 Universal Interface and Display

Universal Interface and Course Recorder X950-C


Over 70 Individual Functions in One Compact Unit. AMI Marine’s bestselling interface has been immensely popular for interfacing older gyro systems with AIS, VDR, and Radars, converting NMEA data baud rates, and converting 200ppm Speed log to NMEA and from NMEA to Speed Log 200ppm.

X950-C – Course Recorder with Heading Display


Heading and GPS Data inputs with clear LED heading display

The X950-C course recorder and heading display accepts gyro heading and GPS data with an ASCII-type output to a suitable printer. Compatible with most gyro signals (NMEA, synchro, and stepper) and standard GPS equipment.

NMEA to Synchro Interface X960

X960 Synchro Interface


The X960 interface converts serial NMEA 0183 data to a low-power synchro, resolver, or sine and cosine output signal with ratios from 1:1 to 360:1.

Applications include refitting a ship with a new gyro, also whilst retaining the existing systems such as an autopilot.

VHF Audio Combiner

VHF Audio Combiner InterfaceINT-0017

The 2 Input 1 Output VHF Audio Combiner Interface allows two audio signals to be combined into a single outlet for connection to equipment such as a VDR.

  • Includes direct connection for Sailor RT 2048 Radio.
  • Suitable for use with older VDRs, S-VDRs, X-VHFR and X-MDR

X12-DB Channel Data Buffer

X12-DB Data Buffer


Data Buffer – 1 input 2 output.

It accepts 1 serial data input and distributes it to 2 output ports independently via RS422, RS232, or 5V TTL signal.

X14-DB Channel Data Buffer

X14-DB 4 Channel Data BufferINT-0023

Data Buffer – 1 input 4 output

It accepts 1 serial data input and distributes it to 4 output ports independently via RS422, RS232, or a 5V TTL signal.

Engineer Tester Tools!

NMEA Reader and Test Unit

X300 NMEA 0183

Our BEST-SELLING NMEA Tester is a pocket-sized and portable NMEA 0183 reader complete with a built-in non-critical oscilloscope function.

This engineering tool can monitor, record and playback NMEA 0183 data.

NAVDoctorNMEA 2000 NAVDoctor NMEA 2000

NAVDoctor is the perfect NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool.

It turns any mobile device into an NMEA 2000 network analyser, creating simple and clear web pages that show the health and status of your NMEA 2000 network.

X98-BT Acoustic Beacon Tester squareX98-BT Acoustic Beacon

The X98-BT is an affordable handheld Acoustic Beacon Tester.

It is used to test the operation of an underwater locator beam on all VDR and S-VDR fixed hardened capsules.





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