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X300 Compact NMEA Tester

SKU: TST-0002

X300 Compact NMEA Tester

The X300 Smart NMEA Tester is a sub-compact, ultra-light portable NMEA 0183 reader. Complete with a built-in non-critical oscilloscope function.

With the ability to monitor NMEA 0183 data. Also, diagnose signal issues and furthermore predict failures due to signal quality. The X300 is the world’s first complete NMEA 0183 maintenance tool.

  • Monitoring, checking, and also analysis function of NMEA 0183(IEC61162-1/2) data
  • General-purpose Oscilloscope. Which can additionally diagnose NMEA 0183 signal and electric signal
  • Receive NMEA 0183 data without regard to the existing circuits using a High Impedance circuit.
  • Receive NMEA 0183 data in low voltage. Which has never been received in standard NMEA listener circuits
  • Save NMEA 0183 data & Oscilloscope waveform in Micro-SD. Also, check the data on a PC
  • Generate NMEA 0183 data & also Pulse signal useful to test equipment, All while the vessel is anchoring.
  • Supplied with a reliable rechargeable battery.

X300 RectanglePocket-Sized NMEA 0183 Tester & Oscilloscope

Additionally, the NMEA output feature is useful for testing suspect equipment that requires an NMEA 0183 data input. Once data has been monitored, it can be stored on the internal storage. The data and waveform may be analysed on a standard PC or laptop. Being compact, the X300 runs on a rechargeable battery which can be charged via a computer’s USB port or an appropriate AC/DC USB charging port.

The X-300 is a must-have tool for all vessel engineers!


  • Easy to carry, sub-compact & ultra-light
  • Rechargeable via USB

Supplied with multiple style fluke test leads, the X300 is an easy-to-carry ultra-compact unit. Consequently allowing ease of use. Also, accurate testing is achieved in all applications and scenarios.

The rechargeable battery (USB) provides a practical and precise tester tool for the most active engineers.

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By AMI Marine Ltd


Alex Alexandrou, Marine Tech SA CY Ltd

“Such a well thought out product, massive time saver and compact enough to live in my main toolbox.”

Alvaro Sanchez, Industrial Maritima de Veracruz SA de CV

“Great tool for our service engineers”

Additional information


"Great tool for our service engineers."
Alvaro Sanchez
Industrial Maritima de Veracruz SA de CV

Weights and Dimensions - Packed

Item packed for shipping 21 x 21 x 18 cm – 700 grams

Item Measurements

91 x 62 x 16mm, 150g

X300 Data Sheet

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