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Fixed X999-N Recoverable Capsule – 64 GB

SKU: CAP-0001

Storage of a minimum of 48 hours of data gathered by the voyage data recorder.

The AMI Marine fixed capsule combines high mechanical security with simple operation. Designed with reliability and durability, consequently, the equipment is of excellent build quality.

The Ethernet interface connects the VDR. Also with A 64GB internal memory for a minimum of 48 hours data for recovery.

The Fixed Capsule comprises two sections.

  • The base plate is used to attach the capsule to the superstructure of the vessel.
  • The main unit is waterproof, fire proof and explosion proof. It contains the processor module, also the operating system-chip and the recording medium. The Main Unit is released from the base plate during the salvage operation after an incident. Therefore, allowing the authorities to examine the recorded data.

The PT9-C Proof Acoustic Beacon is supplied with the 64GB Capsule. It has a 90 day operational life that is compliant with VDR regulations and best practice for SVDR systems.


  • Reliable High Quality European engineering
  • Acoustic Beacon with 90 day operational life
  • Compact size which offers cost effective shipping
  • Fast operation
  • Large storage capacity
  • Internationally supported with AMI after sales service
  • Easy for an engineer to install

Designed for the 2014 IMO VDR standard MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed 2.0.

  • Fully Type Approved

Also, it is compatible with the AMI Marine X-VDR and X2272 S-VDR and VDR systems.


  • Hardened Fixed capsule
  • 15m Cable
  • PT9 Ninety ULB

By Novega

Additional information

Item Measurements

347mm x 180mm x 218mm I 12.2KG

Item Measurements

347mm x 180mm x 218mm I 12.2KG

X999-N Fixed Capsule Data Sheet
MSC.333(90) Regulation Document

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