Prevention is better than cure! AMI Marine

Prevention is better than cure!

AMI Marine specialises in marine electronics systems designed to assist with data collection after an incident and prevent an incident from happening. Prevention is always better than a cure!


So, what AMI products help prevent?

Our SMIDS range enables monitoring of the ship’s movement, especially during those tricky manoeuvres.


The SMIDS Pro is Commercial Maritime’s most economical and accurate SDME (Speed Distance Measuring Equipment) system using state-of-the-art technology to provide vessel Distance to Berth and Course Prediction options.


The AMI Marine legacy SMIDS is a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative to the Doppler docking systems. ‘SMIDS’ uses the data received from GPS and GLONASS satellites to measure the vessel’s movement relative to the ground accurately.

Both SMIDS provide the pilot with accurate data to enable more informed decision-making, thus preventing accidents.


X991X991 group image

Our versatile X991 interface can be programmed to operate with up to 9 different functions to assist each individual vessel according to the ship’s purpose.  For example, Tugboats must monitor winds to manoeuvre vessels entering port.

The X991-P – Pitch and Roll Display Accepts $INXDR message from a ship’s inclinometer or similar equipment and displays the Pitch and Roll information in clear numerical characters on-screen.

A vessel turning in a limited depth would benefit from the X991-R – Rate of Turn Indicator. The unit will accept all standard gyro signals such as a stepper, synchro, and all valid NMEA 0183 rate of turn or heading sentences. A more accurate reading of the vessel movements helps prevent groundings and collisions.

See the X991 Comparison function data sheet HERE.


There are more prevention products out there!

We also sell other brand products that help prevent damage to vessels and harm to people.

Hensoldt (Kelvin Hughes)

We are also continuing our long-standing partnership with Hensoldt (Kelvin Hughes), and we now sell the Manta NEO Solid State – upmast X-band radar system. The Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO solid state X band radar ensures exceptionally high reliability. Furthermore, solid-state technology enables superior detection performance, especially in poor weather conditions where traditional radar technology can make target detection difficult. Better performance under challenging conditions adds additional protection and prevention for the vessel and crew.

ColtracoPortascanner® AIRTIGHT 520

We sell various Coltraco products designed specifically for the maritime industry. They ensure safe sealing across a wide range of uses. For example, the Portascanner® AIRTIGHT 520 supports building and fire regulations that require airtightness testing, air leakage testing, air permeability testing or room integrity testing. It identifies leak sites and quantifies the airflow rate through them. Ensuring a tight seal can make the difference when an issue occurs, protecting both the ship and the crew.



When prevention fails – what’s the cure?

There wouldn’t be incidents in an ‘ideal world’, but in an ‘ideal world’, our respective countries would have won the world cup a few more times! So, when things go wrong, what can be implemented to identify what happened and why? And secondly, what changes can be made to prevent it from happening again?

The answer to this is a Data Recorder.

Depending on your vessel size and use, AMI Marine offers multiple options. To better understand which data recorder your vessel can benefit from, please see our guide to IMO maritime regulations HERE.


The VDR.

The VDR or Voyage Data Recorder is a mandated system required on all vessels over 3000GRT. Our X2 VDR and S-VDR system meets and exceeds all IMO regulations. We also have an expansive service network of AMI-trained engineers around the globe who can install and service your system wherever your vessel may be.


AMI Marine has created the X2 Voyage Data Recorder range. AMI has used over 25 years of data recording experience to make the most straightforward VDR system on the market, ensuring an easy user experience for the crew and engineers interacting with these systems.

Smaller vessels.

To ensure all vessels have data recording capabilities, AMI Marine has been asked to develop Mini Data Recorders to suit various small vessel industries. We have data recorders suited to anything from tugboats, fishing fleets and even offshore rig Helipads!! We have even supplied Mini Data Recorders to some of the UK’s most busy and prominent harbours.



The X-VHFR is our bestselling mini-data recorder. It Records VHF and bridge audio. Three hundred days of storage data are accessible from its 1TB removable drive. Designed for the small vessel workboat industry, it has become quite popular as a land-based recorder. Harbour and port control offices use this system to analyse VHF communications of vessels entering and exiting harbour-controlled entrances.


The X-MDR (with optional CCTV) is a mini data recorder designed for smaller vessels under 3000GRT, which have more equipment such as Radars and ECDIS (or chart Plotters). The optional CCTV function allows you to review real-time data in the event of an incident and has become known as a ‘Dash Cam’ for the water. It is ideal for passenger-carrying vessels and general small craft, including vessels in the Super Yacht sectors. It has vast capabilities, which include recording CCTV, VHF, and bridge audio data. Being compatible with all Radar, ECDIS, and Chart Plotters, the X-MDR is suitable for recording images and storing NMEA and AIS data via the included software playback suite.

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