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X-VHFR Mini Data Recorder


A compact Black Box!

The X-VHFR is our bestselling mini-data recorder. It Records VHF and bridge audio. 300 days of storage data is accessible from its 1TB removable drive.

Who is it for?

The X-VHFR is for the small vessel and workboat industry. This system is ideal for boats under 3000 GT that do not have to carry a VDR or S-VDR.

It also works as a land-based recorder. Harbour and port control offices use this system to analyse VHF communications of vessels entering and exiting harbour-controlled entrances. 

What does it record?

It monitors AIS data from vessels and stores audio communications, time, and date information. It also provides playback to include the whereabouts of other marine traffic around your vessel. This data can be critical to investigations following a marine incident.


  • 7″ Touch screen. (plus night mode)
  • 1TB removable drive. 
  • 2x Audio Inputs (VHF/Microphones). (AMI Marine microphones available on request)
  • 1x NMEA 0183 input for GPS.
  • 1x NMEA-HS input for AIS Data
  • GPS date, time, and geographical position. 
  • USB storage module means no moving parts
  • Easy access to data.
  • Playback Suite for PC
  • AMI Microphones connect to the X-VHFR for the monitoring bridge audio
  • Playback software as standard

The X-VHFR has fast become AMI Marine’s most popular non-mandatory data recorder. Various types of vessels can benefit from using the X-VHFR;

  • Tug Boats
  • Ferries
  • Crew Transfer Boats
  • Offshore Support Vessels
  • Construction Vessels
  • Emergency Vessels
  • Fishing Fleet vessels
  • Offshore windfarm service craft

The replay suite constructs an accurate history of events used for HR development projects or procedural review post-event.

This system is compatible with the AMI Float Free and Jotron Capsules.

By AMI Marine

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Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 36.00 × 36.00 × 38.00 cm
Item measurements

31cm x 19cm x 19cm 2.8kg

SERIAL PORT Port 1 – 4800 for GPS, Heading, Speed Log or other NMEA 0183 Data
  Port 2 – 38400 for AIS
AUDIO INPUT 2 Inputs, each Audio Input can be either a VHF Radio or an AMI Microphone
MEMORY 1TB Hard Drive (holds approx. 300 days of data) as standard
  64GB AMI Float Free Capsule optional
DIMENSIONS Display Unit w/1TB Memory: 310 x 190 x 190mm 2.8kg
Terminal Interface Unit: 180 x 150 x 50mm 800g

X-VHFR Data Sheet

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