SYS-0055 X-VHFR Basic System

AMI Marine Ltd X-VHFR System Testimonial

A couple of years ago, Tug Malta Ltd. decided to install a system that would be able to record the VHF communications onboard its fleet of tug boats.  This was needed primarily in case of an accident between tugs/vessels/yachts/barges etc., to provide a detailed timeline account of the communications that took place before and after the incident.  This would enable the company to decide on the outcome and act accordingly in case of a dispute and/or claim made by the shipping agents.


The X-VHFR system from AMI Marine Ltd was installed onboard all the tugs.  Our setup included the recording of the VHF communications of two audio inputs from a VHF radio and a microphone plus a GPS input.  Additionally, an AIS input was also connected to a select number of tugs.  All our systems include an external hard drive for storing the recordings.

The minimalistic design of the computer and its interface allows the system to be installed practically anywhere onboard.  When powered on, the system automatically starts the recording process without requiring any user input at all.

The system comes complete with playback software which can be installed on any PC / laptop for reviewing the recordings.  This software has been updated numerous times and is always improving on design and functionality.  It offers the options of selecting recordings by date and time and choosing which audio channel is played back.  The GPS information and AIS data can be viewed while listening to the audio.  A timeline/marker is also available for easy marking of particular incidents.  I have found the AIS data to be a very useful complement to the whole system.

When we experienced difficulties with operating the systems, AMI Marine was always ready to help in resolving any issues.  Overall, we are satisfied that the X-VHFR system met our needs.

Kenneth Mallia

Technical Officer – Tug Malta Ltd




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