The World’s first truly Long-Range Marine LTE service

The challenge for many ship managers and owners is the issue of increasingly high data transfer costs. With demanding applications and crew expectations changing all of the time, commercial vessels need cost-effective reliability and speed together with a robust link for better communications.

Satcom systems are typically expensive to use, especially if a vessel is only 12 – 60 miles offshore. Why pay for Satcom airtime when you can utilise 4G LTE further out to sea? This is where a unique and innovative service from AMI Marine brings benefit to your communication and data requirements. X-LTE offers high speeds of up to 150mbps, with low latency and more importantly – low cost.

Satellite systems suffer from the following issues:

  • Low Bandwidth. Bandwidth is how fast you can get data across to the user.
  • High latency. Latency is the time needed for the data to travel between the satellite dish to the satellite in space and back.
  • Bandwidth throttling. Bandwidth throttling is the intentional slowing or speeding of Internet services by an Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Cloud/rain issues
  • Heading changes
  • Congestion

So, what’s the alternative to expensive SATCOMS when you are some 60+ miles offshore?

AMI Marine together with its partners are proud to launch the X-LTE 4G Offshore solution to our commercial vessel customers.

With extended 4G range capability, often beyond 60 miles offshore, the AMI X-LTE is a unique product solution, offering a 4G range which exceeds all others available on the market.

When used with AMI’s unique SIM solution, this X-LTE system is approved to work in most territories (where restrictions do not apply). It is compatible with any provider whilst using no more power output than a smartphone. X-LTE can also be installed by a vessel engineer together with the crew. There are no heavy items to lift, nor is there any hot work required.

Also, by using AMI’s partner SIM option, you have seamless connectivity to any number of roaming partners in a single territory. This means that the X-LTE antenna always has the most robust and properly connected signal off of most coastlines around the world.

X-LTE is the perfect solution for offshore data communications. Reducing costs with numerous flexibility options includes the pooling of data between vessels and AMI’s unique PAYG service which is specially available for pre-purchase trials.

AMI Marine has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and supporting navigation and communication systems. In recent years we have partnered with some of the most trusted brands, so as to supply a well-rounded portfolio of safety solutions to commercial vessels.

Call our specialist Bridge and Navigation team today on +44(0)2380 480 450 for more information on the X-LTE system, otherwise feel free to visit our website regarding our extensive range of safety equipment. Otherwise, you can email us at [email protected] to start your journey of cost-effective connectivity at sea.

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