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X-VCR Paperless Course Recorder

SKU: SYS-0089


The X-VCR is a new-generation Course Recorder supporting paperless course recording and traditional dot-matrix printing, providing a cost-effective solution for any vessel.

The 7” Touch Screen Display shows real-time data in various layouts, allowing users to view what they need when required.

The X-VCR can record and display data from:

  • Gyro Heading
  • GPS data
  • Rate of Turn
  • Rudder Angle (Single or Dual Rudder)

Data is stored on a solid-state external drive, providing up to 36 months of data that can be extracted for review and playback.

The playback suite is easy to use and can be utilised to reconstruct an accurate history of events for general review, crew training, and to assist with safety procedures. Like all previous versions, this course recorder can be used in real-time to provide secure data after an event or help refine procedures for safe practice.

As with AMI’s previous course recorders, an optional printer (part no. PRN-0001) can be supplied as a pre-configured plug-and-play connection to this course recorder if a paper printout is preferred.


  • 7” Touch Screen display with a real-time graphical presentation of the received data
  • Accommodates single and dual rudder systems
  • Paperless design with up to 36 months of voyage data stored on a solid-state drive
  • Graphical display of Heading, GPS data, Rate of Turn and Rudder Angle (Single or Dual Rudder)
  • Optional Printer for a permanent voyage record
  • Replay Software included
  • Multiple screen layouts for a personalised display
  • Choice of ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ themes
  • ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ Mode
  • Additional data recording capabilities*

*Standard course recorder data can be physically printed, but all additional data will be recorded and viewed within the playback suite only.

Made by AMI Marine

Additional information

Item Measurements

Display Unit: 31cm x 19cm x 19cm 2.8kg
Terminal Interface; 18cm x 15cm x 5cm 800g

Item Measurements

Display Unit: 31cm x 19cm x 19cm 2.8kg
Terminal Interface; 18cm x 15cm x 5cm 800g

X-VCR Data Sheet

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