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Data Recorder solutions for the small vessel industries

The AMI Marine portfolio of mini data recorders has evolved and been continually refined over the past three years. As a result, we are offering updated solutions for workboat vessel monitoring.

The IMO has exempted vessels under 3000 GRT from carrying VDRs (and S-VDRs) – so why get a mini recorder?

Mini Voyage Recorders, or ‘Black Boxes’, provide vessel operators and owners with critical Vessel Data, which can be used as a part of normal operations, training and as a bank of information following an incident. Having a mini data recorder installed protects your vessel and crew from risk and litigation when they follow all reasonable protocols if there is an incident review.

Vessel prices (and the running costs!) are rising; even a boat under 1000GRT can be a considerable investment for your company. Therefore, protecting your assets in insurance claims is of paramount importance.

How do these mini-recorders work?

Designed for the small vessel and workboat industry, the mini data recorder series from AMI Marine is ideal for crafts under 3000GRT. They are compact and best suited to small vessel bridge areas, where space is premium. 

Like full-size Voyage Data Recorders, these recorders capture multiple-channel vessel voyage data. This will include VHF transmissions, Microphones, GPS, AIS Data and even CCTV can now be captured and stored for future playback. Our mini data recorder series is compatible with the AMI Float Free Recoverable Capsule and JOTRON’s TRON 40 AIS model. All software has been designed by us and is included with each unit sale, receiving complementary updates for the lifespan of your chosen mini recorder system.

What options are available?


AMI Marine’s X-MDR with CCTV recording is for smaller vessels that do not require an S-VDR/VDR system.

 It is a ‘Black-box’ recorder ideal for workboats, support vessels, and similar smaller vessels.

It records audio and camera data, with additional recordings of image data from Radar, ECDIS and Chart Plotter systems. 

The position, speed, and heading are captured as NMEA data. In addition, the AIS-recorded data allows for accurate replay information.

With over 20 input options, 2TB of storage and real-time surveillance. The X-MDR is a must for the conscientious workboat operator and owner. 

X-MDR CCTV & Data Recorder

  • IP camera inputs (Cameras are an optional extra ).
  • VHF and bridge audio recording.
  • Image recordings such as Radar, ECDIS, Chart Plotter and more.
  • NMEA data recording for the position, speed, heading recording and more.
  • AIS data recording. 

Real-time Surveillance

  • 13.3″ full-colour capacitive touchscreen display.
  • Live view of data and also audio recording.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software interface.
  • Visual CCTV video feeds in real-time.

Tailored to Your Requirements

  • 9x NMEA inputs (from 4800 to 38,400 baud).
  • 6x Bridge Audio inputs.
  • 2x VHF Audio inputs.
  • Up to 8 IP camera inputs.
  • 2TB Storage (approximately 11-60 days of data recording camera streams).

Replay Software

Simple-to-use replay software which, as mentioned, is included with each unit inside the purchase price. Also, with a mapping display of the vessel’s movements.

 Easy download process.

X-VHFR Mini Data Recorder

X-VHFR Mini Data Recorder records VHF and Bridge Audio, and more. In addition, it has a 1TB Removable Drive for Up To 300 Days of Storage.

X-VHFR is for the small vessel and workboat industry. The system is ideal for ships under 3000 GT.

 Our X-VHFR has also proved popular as a land-based recorder. In addition, harbour and port control offices use the system for VHF communications and AIS data analysis.

Storage of the audio communication, time, date and location data allows playback of the sequence of events on a particular vessel. It is critical in an investigation following a marine incident.


  • 7″ Touch screen. Also, with a user interface with a night mode feature
  • 1TB removable drive. For over 300 days of data storage
  • 2x Audio Inputs for VHF and/or Microphones. (AMI Marine microphones available on request)
  • 1x NMEA 0183 input for GPS. (Also accepts combined data from other devices)
  • 1x NMEA-HS input for AIS Data
  • GPS date, time, and geographical position. Also, with AIS data recording
  • USB storage module means no moving parts
  • Easy access to data. Using a PC with standard software or Mac with compatible software
  • Playback Suite for PC
  • AMI Microphones can be connected to the X-VHFR for the monitoring bridge audio
  • All playback software is provided with each unit supplied. (inclusive of licencing)

If you would like to discuss mini data recorder solutions for your vessel, please get in touch with our sales team today at +44(0)2380 480 450 or email [email protected]

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