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CLETA electromagnetic speed log

SKU: ATO-0025

CLETA electromagnetic speed log

This electromagnetic speed log combines the well-known quality and reliability of BEN Marine with the latest technologies. A multifunction colour display also includes speed-over-ground data from GPS as well as the heading information and more on request.

The CLETA EM speed log consists of:

► Main cabinet
► Transducer
► Hull-fitting


  • User-friendly interface on a wide-angle colour screen
  • Three different display views (standard, analogue, or bridge)
  • Distant connection to interface thru Ethernet connection
  • IEC61162-450 Ship Lightweight Ethernet
  • Longitudinal or Longitudinal/lateral Speed thru water
  • GPS external input for assisted calibration
  • Electromagnetic sensor, no moving parts, no echo sounder perturbations
  • Compatible with all 48 and 65-mm BEN Marine sensor

Main features

User Interface

  • Smart and easy to use
  • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish, other on demand)
  • Multiple views: standard, bridge, analogue
  • All settings available from the UI


  • Position, SOG, and COG displayed from external input
  • Assisted calibration

Speed Limit

  • Trawling: configurable high and low-speed indication

Distant Connection

  • UI available from any Web Browser

Electromagnetic sensor

  • Less sensible to bubbles than Doppler
  • Does not interfere with ultrasonic sounders
  • Not sensitive to salinity or temperature

Speed Span

  • 10Kn to 50Kn.
CLETA electromagnetic speed log Order codes
  • Main CLETA DISPLAY unit single axis 220Vac
  • Main CLETA DISPLAY unit single axis 24Vdc
  • Main CLETA DISPLAY XY unit dual axis 220Vac
  • Main CLETA DISPLAY XY unit dual axis 24Vdc


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