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65MM (for surface vessels) Sensor and Hull Fitting

SKU: ATO-0042

Electromagnetic Sensor and Hull Fitting

The 65MM sensor is fitted with a 20m cable. Three versions are available.

• One for dry cell
• One for wet cell (water ballast)
• One dual-axis version (longitudinal and transversal speed)


  • Mounted into a hull fitting with the following options:
    – Screw-on type in bronze with valve (for wooden or plastic hull),
    – Weldable in inox with valve (for steel hull).
  • Sensor: Retractable at sea (without drydock)
  • Hull fitting 65mm


  • Dual axis version: longitudinal and transversal speed


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65MM Hull-Fitting Order Codes
ATO-0042 65.1.RVI weldable hull fitting with valve
ATO-0043 65.1.RVB screw-on type hull fitting with valve
65MM Sensor Order Codes
ATO-0044 65.2.RVB.20 retractable sensor 20m standard
ATO-0045 65.2.RVB.20 retractable sensor 20m watertight
ATO-0046 65.2.RVB.20 retractable sensor XY 20m watertight


  • Diameter: 65 mm
  • Length: 244.5 mm
  • Weight: 5.1 kg

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