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The Society of St James – Giving back this Christmas

AMI Marine's donation the the Society of St James 2

AMI Marine’s donation

For this festive season, we have decided to donate to the Society of St James who provide food and warm clothing to the homeless and vulnerable in Southampton. Instead of sending company Christmas cards, We will be donating much needed hats, scarves, gloves, and socks along with some festive chocolates and treats.

We at AMI Marine cannot imagine how it would feel to be alone and on the streets, especially at this time of year.

No one is immune to experiencing hardship in their lifetime, and its charities like this that provide vital help and care to those who need it most.


The Society of St James, in their own words.

AMI Marine's donation the the Society of St James 2

AMI Marine’s donations

SSJ is a Southampton-based homelessness charity, providing a range of supported living services in Southampton, Portsmouth and across Hampshire. We provide a wide range of support to people from all walks of life experiencing homelessness, problematic alcohol or substance use and mental health problems.

We recognise that every human being is unique, and we provide personalised support to help them overcome their problems in their own way and enjoy a positive and rewarding life again.


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Sometimes, you just need that someone who is non-judgemental and on your side.
The Portsmouth Recovery Hub is a one-stop confidential adult drug and alcohol treatment service available to anyone who lives in Portsmouth concerned about their own or a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol use.

We have decades of experience and skill and are ready to help you as soon as you are ready yourself. We understand that sometimes the first step can feel the hardest.

Our supportive staff team are non-judgemental and helps connect you with a whole range of services that can help. This includes access to help from a Doctor or Nurse, one to one support, groups, a community day rehab program, counselling, complementary therapies, detoxification, fun and social activities and education/volunteering opportunities.

We even offer a sports and activity recovery program to help with your health and also build new relationships with other people who you can relate with. If you are a carer, we have a dedicated helpline that can offer you advice and support as well.


Everyone has the power to change their lives – some people just need more help and investment than others. Our support is aimed at enabling people to achieve a more rewarding life and have their own safe home again. Our role is not to tell people what they need to do to change their lives, because people have to make their own choices and decisions. What we do know is that for some people their ability to make wise decisions is impaired because of their life experiences, and we need to respond to this with a practical but sensitive approach.

We own and manage a range of accommodation, including hostels, shared houses, and independent flats for homeless people, with over 300 bed spaces in Southampton, Portsmouth and other parts of Hampshire. We give the people we work with much more than just a roof over their heads – we give them the chance of a new future.


Some people need a bit of extra care and investment to help them live a better life. Our specialist accommodation provision enables people with very specific needs to find the best way for them to live their day to day lives.

Our specialist accommodation has a focus on recovery as well as helping people who wish to continue living their chosen lifestyle stay safer and healthier.

At SSJ we believe that recovery often means different things to different people. At SSJ we believe that people should be offered as many different options as possible to help them engage with change. We are not focused on abstinence as the only option – we recognise this works for some people but for many others it is unrealistic.

Choice is something that everyone is entitled to, even if sometimes those choices are not always wise!


Our Sports Therapy programmes have proven to have a hugely beneficial impact on people experiencing substance misuse problems. In the past five years over 1000 individuals have engaged with the programmes and achieved their goal of living a positive and substance-free lifestyle.

Our programmes are run in partnership with Pompey in the Community (for Portsmouth) and independently in Southampton. We offer all kinds of activities, for both men and women, all aimed at improving health and wellbeing, confidence and self-worth.

You can learn more about The Society of St James and make a donation HERE

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