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Stock available now

Stock available now

As we continue with our preparation for SMM in September, we would like to update you on our current stock availability. We have newly built stock available for some of our popular products, including our VDR & S-VDR.



In stock - X2 VDR Square Image AMI Marine The X2 VDR (& S-VDR) voyage data recorder has been designed with reliability in mind, offering a high-performance main processor together with Solid-State data recording technology. The X2 VDR offers seamless performance together with a superior user experience.

Exceeding the MSC.333(90) regulations, the X2 has been designed to be a fit and forget system, with the lowest possible need for maintenance.

Additionally, a high-quality 8” or 9.7” touch screen can be supplied as an interactive bridge and navigation monitor.

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In stock - Tron 40VDR AIS Capsule with bracket Square Image AMI Marine

NEW Tron 40VDR AIS Capsule with bracket

Approved in accordance with the latest EPRIB standards.

The Jotron 80GB 40VDR AIS Float Free Capsule is the NEW generation EPRIB. This is a combined Cospas-Sarsat and MED approved Float Free Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon (EPIRB).

For use with the X2 VDR & S-VDR.

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AMI Float Free Capsule

In stock - AMI Float Free Capsule Square Image AMI Marine
 Storage of a minimum of 48 hours of data gathered by the AMI Mini data recorder range of products, uniquely suited to smaller vessels which are under 3000 tons.

  • 64GB solid-state storage.
  • Simple Ethernet connection.

For use with the X-VHFR and X-MDR mini data recorders.

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In stock - X-MDR Square Image AMI Marine


AMI Marine’s X-MDR with optional CCTV recording has been designed for smaller vessels which do not require a full S-VDR/VDR system.

This great ‘Black-box’ recorder is ideal for workboats, support vessels and other smaller vessels. It is also popular with office-based port authorities to assist in the monitoring of vessel traffic.

  • Data Recorder (which can be supplied with CCTV)
  • Real-time surveillance
  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Replay software included

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In stock - SMIDS Square Image AMI Marine
SMIDS is AMI Marine’s highly accurate and reliable legacy GNSS Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment (SDME). A low-cost alternative dual axis system to the doppler systems found on many vessels for docking and manoeuvring, SMIDS uses data received from GPS and GLONASS satellite to accurately measure the vessel’s movement relative to ground.

  • Accurate to 0.01 knots.
  • Reliable and accurate globally in any sea state.
  • Easy retrofit in vessel service with no through hull penetrations.

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The all-new SMIDS Pro is launching soon! (Click here for more information)


Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System – X150

In stock - BNWAS X150 Square Image AMI Marine Designed for fleet owners, the X150 from AMI is the ideal BNWAS for vessels of any size.

Every aspect of the system has been designed to minimise costs. Also, to provide a convenient easy to fit solution by the ship’s staff.

  • Integrated ‘Duty Officer Selection’ function. Allows any combination of 5 cabins to receive the 2nd stage alert.
  • Current status, countdown timer, selected cabins, active reset devices and system faults.
  • All displayed on the Main Control Panel.
  • Reset buttons and alarms can be mounted inside or outside due to IP66 ratings.
  • Stage 2 and 3 alarm volume can be adjusted for use in different areas.
  • Resetting of the timer is possible or can be used with motion sensors on the bridge. (Class permitting)
  • 2 core cabling system allows for easy connection, setup and commissioning using only 2 core cables throughout the system.

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AMI also manufactures the X810 BNWAS (click here for more information)



In stock - AMI X-LTE Square Image AMI Marine



The new LTE broadband antenna extends the range of mobile Internet data connectivity further offshore than any other 4G LTE system.

Affordable high-speed 4G is now available for data on coastal shipping by way of a compact and lightweight antenna to ensure data access up to 100 NM offshore.

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In stock - X-VCR Square Image AMI Marine

X-VCR Paperless Course Recorder

The X-VCR is a new generation Course Recorder supporting both paperless course recording and traditional dot-matrix printing, providing a small and cost-effective solution for any large or small vessel.

The X-VCR can record & display data from:

  • Gyro Heading
  • GPS data
  • Rate of Turn
  • Rudder Angle (Single or Dual Rudder)

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