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Competitive Advantages of the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT

Portable instrument for locating leaks and assessing watertightness and weathertightness.
Coltraco Ultrasonics is the global leader in the field of contents monitoring of gaseous extinguishing systems and watertight/airtight integrity monitoring.

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is the only world-leading fully ABS Type-Approved & RINA-Accepted watertight integrity tester for inspecting watertight and weathertight seals on ships and marine structures such as warships and offshore oil & gas platforms.

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is the most accurate measuring and ergonomic instrument in the world in this application, able to identify leak-sites as small as 0.06mm +/-0.01mm, and specifically designed for use in ship surveying, naval damage control and offshore energy.

Comply with Classification Society Regulations

SOLAS Reg II-1/11.1 states that hatches and watertight seals must be regularly tested:

  • “Where a hose test is not practicable [sic] it may be replaced by [sic] an ultrasonic leak test or an equivalent test. In any case, a thorough inspection of the watertight bulkheads shall be carried out.”

Existing methods for water flow measurement are disruptive, costly, and unreliable. Hose testing, for example, may damage cargo and contribute to the degradation of seals, while violating environmental codes.

Meanwhile, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT, with its unbeaten accuracy, reliability, and suitability for use by any operator with the free training provided, allows maintenance operators to ensure complete watertightness or weathertightness without needing the compartment to be subject to water ingress.

Portable and easy to use in a 7” hand-held tablet format, with a range of up to 50m, and excellent battery life, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is the easiest way to allow both crews and third party maintenance teams to quickly and procedurally:

  • Know where their leaks are and their significance – know if and when a seal requires replacing
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of watertight room maintenance – locate leaks, assess their significance, and seal the leaks that matter
  • Fully assess a compartment or vessel prior to and during transit, meaning risks can be identified as early as possible
  • Determine individual water leakage rates through specific walls, doors, seals etc.
  • Determine the exact location of leaks, meaning remedial measures can be taken. This is far more accurate and reliable than procedures such as hose testing or chalk testing.


The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is compliant with Classification Society requirements, per rules DNVGL-CP-0484 (Page 13 and 14, Chapter 2) and IACS UR Z17 (Page 12, Chapter 2).

DNVGL-CP-0484 relates to the service supplier (the company conducting the ultrasonic watertight integrity test). It also lists the exact requirements of the equipment that needs to be used by such service suppliers for ultrasonic watertight integrity testing to comply with the standards. This is on Page 13 and 14 (Chapter 2):

  • The transmitter shall provide a uniform open hatch value (OHV) over the tested area
  • OHV shall be adjustable to a stable value allowing maximum sensitivity without false side effects
  • The receiver shall be provided with an audible signal and a visual readout, calibrated in decibel
  • Biannual re-calibration tests shall be carried out by laboratories authorised by the manufacturer
  • Fail/pass criterion to be applied in tightness testing:
    – 0 dB hatch cover is leak tight
    – 1 dB to 10% OHV shall mean that the hatch cover is considered watertight
    – Above 10% OHV shall mean the hatch cover is considered not to be watertight

IACS URZ17 also refers to tightness testing with exact requirements of the equipment and operators’ qualifications. This is on Page 12 (Chapter 2).

Better, Faster & Cheaper

Coltraco Ultrasonics’ have ABS Type Approval and UL Approval for several years across their range. Also they are the only manufacturer worldwide to have Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe certification of its type on a sister instrument to the Portascanner™.

Coltraco‘s focus is on benefitting the crew through designing innovative ultrasonic solutions that are better-faster-cheaper. Such as the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT, which increases the likelihood of tests being regularly conducted in line with regulations, and more frequent testing that goes above and beyond existing regulations. By doing so, the crew will create a safer ship, delivering the Coltraco vision of the Safeship™.

Written by Coltraco

An Introduction from Coltraco

Coltraco Ultrasonics is a world-leading British designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic safety and monitoring instrumentation. 30 years experience, across 19 sectors and 108 countries, our core capabilities are

1. Monitoring clean agent extinguishing systems.

Our vision is to deliver constant monitoring of non-liquefied clean agent extinguishing systems too. Our wider commitment is to deliver business continuity to critical infrastructure via these and a diverse array of products that deal with the associated pipework, rotating machinery and enclosure room integrity.

2. Monitoring watertight integrity and fire containment of watertight compartment doors, cable penetrations and hatch covers.

Coltraco’s vision is to deliver semi-fixed and constant monitoring systems so the ship’s shore-based operator understands how watertight seals are affected under the different sea, weather and load states.

Our Safesite® & Safeship® mission: “safety for safety’s sake” to reduce risk to life, business and facilities. Our foundation is integrity and science is at our core.




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