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An S-VDR you can rely on

The X2 S-VDR has been designed as a fit and forget voyage recording system.

This Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR) has been designed with the combination of a high-performance main processor and Solid-State technology. Offering extremely reliable performance with superior user experience.

  • Exceeding the MSC.333(90) regulations set by the IMO
  • High quality 8” (or 9.7”) touch screen is a useful bridge monitoring tool
  • Retrofit installations are quick and easy. Thanks to the 3 core microphone cable solution
  • Supplied with Float Free and/or Fixed capsule. With a storage capacity of 64GB
  • The internal Solid-State drive has a capacity of 1TB. Which allows for around 60 days of storage

Replay Software

The AMI Marine Replay software is unique due to having ‘Audio Scan’ and ‘Jump to Incident’ functions. To provide intuitive data review by engineers, ship’s crew, and also accident investigators.

The data download process is straight forward. Using a laptop or Office PC connected to the Ethernet port of the touch screen display. The provided download software also allows the operator to choose data from the desired time period. Also, with the replay software and configuration files.

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*S-VDR for vessels built before 2002.

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