Walker 2090

SKU: JLG-0021

The Walker 2090 uses a Solid State Ultrasonic Wind Speed and direction Sensor, the P392. This gives high accuracy in a robust, compact package with no moving parts to wear out!

The P392 masthead is a further development of the very successful P292. To the already proven ultrasonic wind component, an automatic heater for operation in cold weather.

True wind systems are available by using this sensor with the Walker P1066 True Wind Interface Unit.


The Sensor connects directly to a standard Walker DIN 144 wind speed & direction indicator, the P1249, which gives digital displays of relative wind speed & direction.

Wind direction is also displayed on a simulated analogue display using OLED technology.


JLG-0021 2090 for relative wind
JLG-0022 2090T for true and relative wind

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Walker 2090 Data Sheet