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Sestrel Navigator Compass

SKU: JLG-0024

To celebrate our 200th year in the marine industry, Lilley & Gillie released our Navigator Compass. Now, almost a decade later, this sleek, eye-catching and compact compass has been fitted to various vessels.

Sestrel Navigator CompassThe Sestrel Navigator compass utilizes our commercially proven technologies and experience to produce a compact compass with the reliability and build quality demanded in commercial vessels for leisure, military and other small vessel operators.

As with our commercial compasses, great care has been taken to ensure the Sestrel Navigator can be fully adjusted. B&C correction is built-in with all models. Heeling correction pockets have been included if required to house optional additional magnets. For steel vessels, the QC correction version adds the corrector balls.

For use at night, the Sestrel Navigator incorporates internal red LED lighting. The cable comes neatly from the lower part to be hidden in the binnacle or underneath the well-fit compass. This can be connected directly to the 12/24v supply or use our FW7710 dimmer.


  • The apparent Card Diameter is 135mm
  • Well-fit or binnacle-mounted
  • Available in black or white
  • Fully correctable
  • QC correction available
  • Internally gimbaled


The Sestrel Navigator compass is available in three configurations to suit any bridge or cockpit configuration. Well fitted, binnacle and binnacle with QC correctors. In all three configurations, we offer in white or black to suit.

JLG-0024 NT1000 SESTREL IMO approved electronic inclinometer
JLG-0025 NT1000EPR Slave controller
JLG-0026 NT1000 Slave junction box


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Sestrel NavCompass Data Sheet