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Portasonic CALCULATOR – Tablet-based Flow to Pressure Calculator

SKU: COL-0016

New February 2021 Tablet-based Flow to Pressure Calculator using flow rate results from the Portasonic®.

The only instrument capable of determining the pressure required to drive fluids at a specified flow speed.

Software on robust 7” electronic tablet giving the world’s first capability in calculating the pressure required to pump a liquid along a pipe that is travelling at the flow speed measured by the Portasonic®.

For Portasonic 2.FL0 customers: The perfect product and Award-Winning Portasonic to save your flow and pressure results for better reporting. Combine calculated pressure with readings from the Portasonic® 2.FL0 to verify measured flow speeds and rates against a fixed pressure gauge in the system

Multi-Purpose: Works on 23 different common pipe materials: ABS, aluminium, asbestos, carbon steel, cast iron, cement, copper, ductile iron, epoxy, fibreglass, glass, GRP, lead, nylon, PE, PP, PTFE, PVC, rubber, stainless 403, stainless 316, steel, Teflon

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There are so many advantages and benefits of using the Portasonic®

  • Intuitive: Calculate quickly and easily using an intuitive touchscreen tablet
  • Clear ResultsSave data to records and export via USB or email to ensure traceability
  • Accurate: Accounts for temperature and material roughness to produce results of the highest empirical accuracy
  • Reporting: Save the results from your Portasonic® 2.FL0; record and download inspection reports. Filter records by date or by pipe
  • Reliable: Facilitate determination of the expected wear and tear on the system caused by pressure. Facilitate risk assessment of high-pressure systems


  • Accurate: Provides a non-invasive alternative to pressure gauges
  • Flow RateCombine with the Portasonic® to verify flow speeds and rates
  • Safe: Determine if your pipe is pressurised to within a safe tolerance
  • Innovative: Ergonomic design, lightweight, easy to use for all skill levels

Part of the Level-Flow-Pressure Range

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Portasonic® CALCULATOR is delivered in a package with everything required to carry out testing:

  • 7-inch handheld tablet
  • Plus accessories:
  • USB Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • USB Charger
  • Mini Screwdriver
  • User Manual

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