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NEW – AMI Vessel Locator Kit

SKU: KIT-0056

Introducing the new AMI Vessel Locator Kit (KIT-0056), a fit-and-forget system that provides the accurate underwater location of a vessel in all sea states.

Most Deep-Sea Workboats under 3000GRT operators do not carry Voyage Data Recorder systems due to current IMO requirements.

Although we manufacture numerous small Black-Box Recorder systems, we understand that budgets can be restricted even to a reasonable spend.

Therefore, AMI has created a low-cost Vessel Locator Kit, ideally suited to strained budgets but where safety and efficiency remain paramount to a workboat fleet operator’s values.

Each Kit has an Acoustic Beacon PT9-NINETY (BEA-0001) held within a specially manufactured bracket holder (MNT-0016). The Acoustic Beacon automatically generates a 37.5KhZ frequency signal for up to 90 days when fully submerged in water from 15cm to 20,000ft.

Whilst every organisation should provide MOB EPIRBS and train its crew for emergencies, the vessel must be locatable, especially in dangerous deep water environments.

Used with standard AIS (pre-event), the vessel’s whereabouts are continually monitored for damage control to the environment (fuel, cargo, leakage and loss) and to accurately assist with vessel salvage operations when required.

The vessel crew can fit this Vessel Locator Kit (KIT-0056) within minutes. The battery life of each Acoustic Beacon (BEA-0001) is three years, though we suggest that the vessel crew conduct a test every six months using the compact AMI Acoustic Beacon Tester (TST-0006).




109x51x45mm, 100g

MOUNTING HOLES: 4x 5mm, 60.9×30.1mm
  Kit includes 1 Allen Key for Acoustic Beacon installation/swap.
ACOUSTIC BEACON DETAILS: 37.5 ± 1 kHz Function frequency
  Signal duration of 9.0 ms minimum 0.9 pulses / s minimum Repetition rate
  Operational depth of 15cm – 20,000ft
  Lifespan of 90 days
BEACON TESTER DIMENSIONS: 90×44.2×15.7mm, 50g
BEACON TESTER DETAILS: All beacons in the 30-45 KHz range
Used without removing the beacon from the capsule

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