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Display Unit for Electronic Inclinometer DanEI-300

SKU: DAN-0002

Display Unit for Electronic Inclinometer DanEI-300

This is for use with the DanEI-300 Inclinometer as an additional display unit.

For the full system please see DAN-0001 DanEI-300 Electronic Inclinometer System


The DanEI-300 Electronic Inclinometer is an advanced heel and pitch measuring device which is not sensitive to horizontal and vertical accelerations. This will provide information to a better understanding of the ship‘s movement and steering behaviour, supervision of trim, cargo status, and stability status.

The Electronic Inclinometer measures and displays

  • Pitch Angle
  • Heel Angle
  • Roll Period
  • Amplitude (port & starboard)
  • Additional trend plots display heel angle for the latest 3 minutes and roll amplitude for the latest 30 minutes
  • Acceleration parameters – heave, sway and surge

Typical Use

On rolling vessels, the usual bubble or pendulum inclinometers indicate values that are too high. This margin error can be up to 30% of the measured value. As the Inclinometer will not be affected by these accelerations it shows the true inclination and roll period. Furthermore, DanEI-300 can contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption and the improvement of safety.

Please note this item is to be used with the DanEI-300 Inclinometer. For the complete system please see DAN-0001

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Additional information

Item Measurements

24cm x 16cm x 4.8cm / 1,5 kg


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Item Measurements

24cm x 16cm x 4.8cm / 1,5 kg


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