AMI Marine Ltd X-VHFR System Testimonial

SYS-0055 X-VHFR Basic System

A couple of years ago, Tug Malta Ltd. decided to install a system that would be able to record the VHF communications onboard its fleet of tug boats.  This was needed primarily in case of an accident between tugs/vessels/yachts/barges etc., to provide a detailed timeline account of the communications that took place before and after…

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A Data Recorder solution for smaller vessels and ports

The X-VHFR recorder is AMI’s latest compact “black box” recorder. VHF and bridge audio, and Data Recorder with 1TB removable drive for up to 300 days of storage. Designed for the small vessel and work-boat industry, this system is ideal for vessels under 3000 GT, for vessels not officially required to carry a full Voyage…

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