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Digital to NMEA Interface INT-0058

SKU: INT-0058

The INT-0058 Digital to NMEA Interface converts digital ‘on/off’ signals into NMEA data suitable for recording on a Voyage Data Recorder (VDR).

Typical inputs are watertight door status, fire alarm status, and navigation equipment alarms. Many of these systems will have an on/off or open/closed indication in the wheelhouse, which can be converted to NMEA in the INT-0058.
With bridges needing to support an increasing number of indicators and their associated wiring, the INT-0058 is ideal for both new-build and retrofit installations.

The interface outputs data simultaneously through NMEA 0183 and UDP (Ethernet) protocol and is easy to connect to various equipment such as ECDIS, VDR and RADAR.


  • LED Status indication on all inputs and outputs
  • NMEA Pass through facility
  • Supports IEC 61162-450 and CAN Bus mode (Optional).

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INT-0058 Data Sheet