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X941-P 35/70 Bipolar Stepper Interface

SKU: INT-0011

X941-P 35/70 Bipolar Stepper Interface

NMEA 0183 Input to  35V or 70V DC Stepper Voltage Output

The X941-P 35/70 accepts DC Stepper or NMEA 0183 heading data and converts into DC stepper, either positive common, negative step, or negative common, positive step.

  • Input 1- 6 steps per degree, 5 to 50v (+ve or -ve common)
  • Input 2 – NMEA 0183 heading data
  • The user-selectable output of either -ve step signal (+ve common) or +ve step signal (-ve common)
  • Output voltage selectable between 35 or 70v DC
  • Suitable to drive up to 6x free-running analogue repeaters

Also available – X941-E 35/70 – Stepper Interface

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The X941 series interface converts serial heading data into traditional gyro stepper transmission, and also acts as a stepper amplifier.

An X941 series allows a new heading sensor such as a modern gyro, magnetic compass, or satellite heading sensor to connect to existing bridge repeaters or existing radars and navigational aids.

The X941 series can be used in both retrofit and new installations.


A vessel replaced one of its gyros which only had NMEA as an output, to avoid the cost of replacing the original motorised step repeaters an X941 was used at a fraction of the replacement cost of new repeaters.

By AMI Marine

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 48.00 × 48.00 × 48.00 cm
Item Measurements

400 x 160 x 300mm – 11.8kg

Item Measurements

400 x 160 x 300mm – 11.8kg

X941 Data Sheet