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X909-M 8 Channel Data Multiplexer

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X909-M 8 Channel Data Multiplexer

Connect up to eight NMEA 0183 data streams and combine them into one output data stream.

Numerous data signals can be easily combined with the X909-M, close to the source equipment allowing a single cable to carry all data to the destination equipment such as a VDR/S-VDR, ECDIS or Radar, etc

Received NMEA data is stored and forwarded on a first in first out basis. With input and output ports that support 4800 – 38400 baud. The X909-FM is also ideal for daisy-chaining for applications with more than eight NMEA inputs


  • Accepts up to eight NMEA 0183 inputs
  • Supports a range of baud rates for compatibility
  • Can be daisy-chained, ideal for complex installations
  • Certified to IEC60945

Technical Information

The X909-M interface connects up to a maximum of eight NMEA 0183 inputs and combines the data to one output port. Applications include combining the input data from several sources and typically outputting to equipment such as VDR, S-VDR, ECDIS, or Radar.

The data combiner stores and forwards NMEA 0183 sentences on a first-in-first-out basis.

Attention has to be given to possible overload of the output channel. It will not pass more than 480 characters per second at the NMEA 0183 standard rate of 4800 bits/sec; setting output at 38400 baud will resolve this problem.

The output rate can be set by the DIP switch and configured to 38400 baud output. One input port can also be switched from 4800 to 38400. This will allow serial or daisy chaining connection of interfaces to significantly expanded the input capacity of the system.

In addition to the available default options, this interface can also be programmed to suit specific customer requirements and a bespoke interface supplied.

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Additional information

Item Measurements

144mm x 222mm x 55mm

X909-M Data Sheet