Walker 2080 MK2

SKU: JLG-0019

The John Lilley and Gillie Walker 2080 Mk2 wind speed and direction system uses our P292 solid-state ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor. This ensures a very high accuracy level in a robust, compact package.

A big advantage that makes the Walker 2080mk2 system very attractive to our customers is that there are no moving parts to wear out.

The sensor connects directly to a standard P1249 Walker wind speed and direction indicator, which gives digital displays of relative wind speed and direction via our P293B cable (40mtr as standard). It is also ideal if you currently have a P296 and wish to upgrade to a P292 masthead, as all you have to do is swap out the mastheads and everything else stays the same. No alterations to cables or indicators are required.

The sensor converts wind speed and direction into serial digital data, which can be displayed on a digital or analogue wind direction indicator. The instrument interfaces in NMEA 0183/RS422 to other ship systems using MWV sentence.

The system operates within a wind speed range of up to 120 knots and in temperatures ranging from -35 to + 70 Celcius.

The system also has the option to display true wind speed and direction by utilising the Walker P1066 true wind interface unit.

The Walker 2080Mk2 system fully complies with IEC 60945, IEC 61162-2 and IEC 62288 and although wind systems are not required to be approved, our wind system is covered with a BV certificate.


  • Ultrasonic masthead
  • Combines wind speed and direction
  • NMEA from the masthead
  • Expandable with additional displays
  • Optional true wind
  • Approved to IEC 60945, 61162 & 62288


JLG-0019 2080Mk2 for relative wind
JLG-0020 2080Mk2T for true and relative wind

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Walker 2080 Mk2 Data Sheet