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SKU: JOT-0067

The most technologically advanced EPIRB to date!

The Tron 60AIS is compliant with the mandatory International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation (as of July 2022) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation. MED, MER (UK), FCC, CCS and ANATEL approved.


  • Approved in accordance with the latest EPIRB standard
  • AIS homing technology included for faster localization
  • Prepared for RLS through Galileo GNSS
  • IR LED light for night vision devices and assisted SAR
  • 11 year and 3 month total battery lifetime

Tron 60AIS has both regular LED light and infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) incorporated. This IR LED allows the use of night vision, which better assists SAR operations that occur at night or in the dark.

The Tron 60AIS can be used with the Galileo Return Link System, Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (operational since January 2020). This software is simply activated upon request.

Available options

JOT-0067 – Float-Free Bracket

JOT-0083 – Manual Bracket

This EPIRB has been tested for operational and performance requirements in accordance with the international standard, IEC 61097-2 Ed.4 (April 2021).

Spare parts

JOT-0074 – Hydrostatic Release Kit FB-60/FB-40/FBH-40/FB-42/FBH-42

JOT-0081 – Spare FB-60 Bracket with protective cover

Jotron-86218-Hydrostatic-Release-Kit-FB60_FB40_FBH40 Spare FB-60 Bracket with protective cover


Tron 60AIS EPIRB Data Sheet