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SMIDS 7″ Portable Handheld Tablet

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SMIDS Portable Handheld Tablet

7″ Tablet for use with SMIDS System

The SMIDS 7″ Portable tablet is ideal for the duty officer, Master or pilot to carry with them during intricate manoeuvres in order to see in real-time the vessel’s movement at the bow and stern.

This can prove invaluable when fixed displays are not visible from the location of navigation, such as the bridge wing, to allow safe passage or docking.

The tablet connects to the SMIDS system using the X994 Serial to Bluetooth converter and has a runtime of up to 6 hours.

The main display emulates the X991-S Heads-Up display, showing the ship’s heading and relative speeds at the bow and stern.

Supplied complete with charging cable and power adapter.

‘SMIDS’ Ship’s Movement Information Display System

Navigating or manoeuvring in strong winds or currents, and in confined waters requires great skill. This also places severe demands on masters and pilots. Reliable and accurate data on ship movement is therefore essential to maximise safety. Also, it can reduce the risk of structural damage to the ship and shore infrastructure. And what’s more, minimise the threat of accidental pollution.

The AMI Marine SMIDS is a highly reliable, low-cost alternative to the doppler systems found on many vessels.

How does it work?

‘SMIDS’ uses the data received from GPS and GLONASS satellites. It accurately measures the vessel’s movement relative to the ground.

Accurate to 0.01knots

Highly sensitive, SMIDS will detect and display vessel movement instantly. Often before it is visibly apparent. Consequently, ensuring vessel movement is precisely controlled. Therefore corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity.

It is the perfect solution for large vessels. Those where bridge visibility is restricted, lightering, dredging and for ships that frequently manoeuvre without tugs in adverse conditions.


The system is particularly valuable in difficult docking situations. Also in poor weather conditions where the doppler system would struggle to hold its accuracy. Due to pitch and roll issues, sea state, cavitation and seabed disturbance. These can cause doppler systems to report inaccurate readings.

SMIDS is a first fit system for many new vessel build projects. In some of the most reputable shipyards around the world.

The SMIDS system is particularly suited to:

  • VLCC
  • LNG
  • Dredgers
  • Oil Tankers
  • Passenger Liners
  • Container Carriers
  • other large vessels

Finance available on this product, please contact us for details.

By AMI Marine Limited

Additional information

Item Measurements

200mm x 114mm x 18mm I 290g

Packed Weights & Dimensions

31 x 25 x 26cm – 1.5kg

Item Measurements

200mm x 114mm x 18mm I 290g

Packed Weights & Dimensions

31 x 25 x 26cm – 1.5kg