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R400NXG Network AIS Receiver with Ethernet and GPS

SKU: COM-0009

Changes between the R400NG and R400NXG:

The difference between the R400NG and R400NXG is the network module installed within the product. The R400N uses a Digi module, whereas the R400NX uses a Lantronix XPort module, which follows a slightly different setup process. View the R400NG.


The R400NXG is an AIS receiver unit with a built-in GPS receiver, Ethernet interface and USB port designed specifically for coastal monitoring of AIS-equipped vessels.
Connected to an Ethernet Network directly or via a Router to a PC running compatible software, AIS data transmitted from ships within range can be displayed on the screen, giving a visual interpretation of the traffic within VHF range. The unit can also be mounted at a remote location, and AIS data is sent over the Internet to a fixed IP address for use on a dedicated server.
The R400NXG has been specifically designed for use by the professional market and uses Comar’s well-proven and internationally specified high-sensitivity dual-channel parallel receiver.


  • Industry Grade Dual Channel AIS Receiver
  • Ideal for land-based monitoring of sea traffic
  • Ethernet network connectivity
  • Internal GPS Receiver
  • USB Connectivity
  • Ideal for feeding vessel tracking data to a website or a vessel monitoring server
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Quick and easy to configure and install
  • Universal AC power supply


  • For shoreside monitoring of shipping by Government bodies
  • Managing traffic at local port approaches
  • Assisting in Search and Rescue operations
  • Locating ships for local tug/supply operators
  • Analysing shipping in specific areas
  • Monitoring fishing zones
  • Feeding data to AIS vessel tracking websites


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R400NXG Data Sheet