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Portasteele® CALCULATOR – Converts cylinder contents’ level height to weight for CO2 & clean agents

SKU: COL-0003


Convert cylinder contents’ level height to weight for CO2 & clean agents

TYPE: Standalone unit based on a 7’’ hand-held tablet

FUNCTION: Converts the liquid level obtained with any Portalevel unit into the exact fill-weight of the agent inside the cylinder

Three Core Benefits

1. Datalogging

Add value to servicing and enhance safety management system thanks to the accurate and reliable data logging capability which enables the results to be recorded, downloaded and emailed as a CSV file

2. Find weight… without weighing

The traditional method of manually weighing fire suppression system cylinders is no longer necessary, by using Portalevel®to find the level height and this app to convert into the fill weight

3. Quick & easy

Together with Portalevel® this app on the 7” rugged tablet enables a competent user to test a cylinder to identify contents loss in under 60 seconds

The Portasteele® CALCULATOR provides the perfect companion to the Portalevel® Technology for those looking to convert liquid height to agent mass and export reports to customers.

  • The Portasteele® CALCULATOR provides a quick and easy method for calculating the agent mass from the liquid level of any agent.
  • By simply inputting the cylinder dimensions, agent type, temperature and liquid level, the unit will instantly calculate the exact agent mass within the cylinder, accurate to less than 1%.
  • All the data is pre-loaded onto the device so no manual calculation is required by the operator.

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From Coltraco

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions33 × 28 × 10 cm
Item Measurements

21.6cm x 13.6cm x 1.9cm
Weight: 0.555kg

Packed Weights & Dimensions

1.2kG 33cm x 28cm x 10cm


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