Portasonic® PLUS

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Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter With Datalogging Functionality

Portasonic® PLUS is a portable ultrasonic transit-time flow meter that measures, internally records, and exports the flow rate within a pipe with precision and ease.
Portasonic® PLUS is a highly versatile monitoring solution that uses a pre-programmed database to work with various pipe materials and liquid types and can be customized for specific applications.

Precision Flow Rate Measurement

Portasonic® PLUS provides measurements to within ±0.5% of the true flow rate. Several features enhance this precision:

Portasonic® PLUS

  • Customisable, pre-programmed database – With 19+ fluid types and 23+ pipe materials.
  • Integrated ultrasonic thickness gauge – To monitor pipe wall thickness and ensure it meets operational safety requirements.
  • Built-in signal oscilloscope – To provide sensor diagnostics and verify measurement process.
  • Three measurement methods – To allow for the most appropriate application on different pipe sizes. See brochure for details.
  • Two sensor options – To fit different pipe diameters, with waterproofed variants also available.

System Integration with Datalogging and Export

Portasonic® PLUS

Portasonic® PLUS comes with 4MB of internal storage, which enables the device to record and save measurements. These measurements can be easily exported or logged onto a PC in real-time via micro USB.

Datalogging provides a verifiable record of system functionality and safety, and recording the flow rate with a frequency of 1Hz as standard allows for consistent recording and analysis of the flow rate.

The clamp-on Portasonic® PLUS sensors can be non-invasively applied to almost any pipe as a continuous monitoring solution but can be easily transferred to a different location if monitoring requirements change. This non-invasive application, therefore, gives Portasonic® PLUS dual functionality as a permanent and portable monitoring solution, depending on your needs.

Talk to our sales team to find out how Portasonic® PLUS can make your operation safer and more efficient.

3 Flow Rate Metrics Portasonic® PLUS can portray flow rate in one of three ways to optimise data utility:

  • Volumetric Flow Rate: In litres per minute or gallons per minute, the volume of liquid transferred within a pipe. The standard measurement for most industrial applications.
  • Mass Flow Rate: In kilograms per minute or lbs per minute, the mass of liquid transferred within a pipe, calculated by the device using density and flow rate, commonly used in loading or unloading processes, eg. fuel transfers.
  • Heat/Energy Flow Rate: In kilowatts per hour or British Thermal Units (BTU) per second, the amount of thermal energy transferred by a pipe’s contents, is commonly used for measurement in heating or coolant pipes.

Portasonic® PLUS

What’s In The Box

  •   Portasonic® PLUS: Main Unit
  •   One Pair of DM10 Standard Sensors: For pipes DN15 – DN700
  •   One Pair of Beaded Chain Clamps : To mount the sensors
  •   10mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Probe: Measures pipe wall thickness
  •   Ultrasonic Couplant: To ensure perfect contact
  •   Measuring Tape: For sensor positioning
  •   User Manual: Guidance on how to use
  •   Installation Manual: Guidance on how best to fit sensors to pipes
  •   Calibration Certificate: Verifies unit functionality and calibration on dispatch
  •   Robust Carrying Case: To store the equipment

By Coltraco

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Technical specifications
Dimensions 220 x 85 x 22 mm (L x W x D)
Unit Weight 434g (with batteries)
Pipe Diameter Range
  • Standard Sensor (Model No. DM10): DN15 – DN 700 (1/2” – 28”)
  • Large Sensor (Model No. DS10): DN25 – DN2500 (1” – 98”)
Accuracy ±0.5% of True Flow Rate
Resolution 0.25 mm/s 
Repeatability 0.15% of measured value 
Flow Velocity Range 0.01m/s – 25 m/s 
Turn down ratio 1/100 
Measurement Rate 1 Hz as standard 
Measurement Units Flow Velocity, Volumetric Flow Rate, Mass Flow Rate, Energy Flow Rate (Heat Quantity), Volume, Mass, Energy 
Display 128 x 68 Backlit LCD
Additional Features
  • 4MB internal storage for datalogging with export capabilities via Micro USB
  • Integrated thickness gauging functionality, measures 2mm – 20mm range
  • Signal oscilloscope for sensor positioning and diagnostics
Power Supply 1x 9V PP3 battery, up to 12 hours continuous use

24/7 power option via Micro USB port

Operating Temperature Main Unit: -10°C to +65°C  (14°F to 149°F)

Sensors: -20°C to +150° C  (-4°F to +302°F)

Sensor Dimensions Standard Model No. DM10: 40mm (L) x 20mm (W) x 25mm (D) 

Large Model No. DS10: 60mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 35mm (D) 

Sensor Connectivity 1.5m BNC Coaxial Cable (longer lengths available on request)
IP Rating Main Unit: IP 65 enclosure

Sensors: IP 66 (IP68 Variant Available)

Certifications and Approvals UKCA, CE, Coltraco is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 registered

Option to include ISO 17025 calibration certification

Warranty Main unit – 3 Year Warranty

Sensor –  1 Year Warranty

Technical Support – Lifetime of the unit

Portasonic PLUS Data Sheet