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Portamarine – Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

SKU: COL-0015

The Portamarine is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator used for offshore Fire Suppression Servicing inspections. It is especially popular for use with onboard CO2 fire suppression systems.

7th Generation Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator

The Portamarine® is the dedicated Marine ultrasonic level indicator. It is specifically designed for inspecting fire suppression system cylinders and improving fire safety.

Test Your Marine CO2 Fire Systems

The Portamarine® is a marine unit designed for shipboard use and serving the shipping industry and offshore worldwide. It is the reliable, cost-effective seventh-generation portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator range by Coltraco Ultrasonics.

  1. Hands-Free: the device hangs from a strap around the operator’s neck which is particularly useful when working in the cramped conditions in maritime vessels.
  2. Test Multi Banked Cylinders: The devices are supplied with the Multi-Banked Extension rods, allowing the operators to easily inspect 2, 3 or 4 rows of cylinders.
  3. Test a Wide Range of Verifiable Agents: Whilst CO2 is the most popular application, the device can also operate on all major liquid agents including FM200 and NOVEC 1230®.
  4. Safer Testing: This method also completely removes the need for weighing cylinders which is an incredibly time consuming and dangerous method which can often result in damage to the system during inspections.
  5. Comply with Regulations: IMO SOLAS & FSS Code Chapter – “Means shall be provided for the crew to safely check the quantity of the fire extinguishing medium in the containers.

Safer, Quicker, Accepted, Cheaper

  • Safer: No need to disconnect the cylinders from the manifold with this accurate non-invasive technology (accurate to +/- 1.5mm)
  • Quicker: Hands-free operation and extension rod for banked cylinders
  • Accepted: The Portamarine® comes with  RINA Classification Society Acceptance
  • Cheaper: cut servicing costs by up to 50% against weighing

The Portamarine® also comes with full Coltraco Customer Commitment. Also including free Training and Technical Support for the life of the unit, a 3 Year Warranty with full replacement in the event of any defect. Additionally, a guaranteed trade-in buy-back when upgrading to newer devices and the most proven technology on the market.


1. The 20mm Multi Banked Extension rod comes as standard with all Portalevel MAX Marine models. It is designed for testing rows of CO2 cylinders 3-4 deep.

2. Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent in increasing the surface contact of the sensor. Coltraco sensors have also been designed to work with tap water.

3. Dry sensor – A standard sensor for all land-based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter or ax cable and BNC connectors.

4. The main unit is a protected IP65 Enclosure and weighs just 500 grams. It has an LCD Numeric Display with LED Bar Graph and 4 touch button controls.

By Coltraco

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Additional information

Item Measurements

Height:98 mm (3.86 inches)
Width:158 mm (6.22 inches)
Depth:45.5 mm (1.80 inches)
Weight:420 grams (14.82 ounces)

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