SKU: JLG-0016

The NMEAcourse magnetic heading repeater gives a visual indication of heading from digital magnetic inputs.

The requirement is for the helmsman at the steering position to read the compass and 15° to either side of the lubber line. To achieve this the NMEAcourse provides a full compass card which rotates to give the ship heading.

The 160mm full rotating compass card is just like the real compass so very easy to use. It is helpful as it gives the helmsman and other members of the bridge team good awareness of the rate of turn and the difficulty level of maintaining heading.

The NMEAcourse needs digital input from a suitable device such as the Lilley & Gillie GS820 TMC.


  • NMEA input
  • 160mm compass card with 1° card divisions
  • Internal lighting with dimmer
  • Remote dimmer available
  • Flush mounted
  • Power fail alarm
  • Also available trueNMEAcourse to accept true heading

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NMEACourse Data Sheet