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MD68HRB Dual Scale Steering Repeater

SKU: MNE-0007

MD68HRB Dual Scale Steering Repeater

  • Dual-scale NMEA-based Steering Repeater with a clear and easy to read analogue dual scale dial display


  • Dual Scale 36:1 Marine Compass Card Precision Display
  • Designed for Vessel Steering
  • NMEA 0183 Digital Input
  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection
  • True and Magnetic Source Indication
  • Rotary Dimming Control with Remote
  • Rugged, Marinised Aluminium Construction


The MD68HRB from MARINE DATA is a dual-scale NMEA-based Steering Repeater with a clear and easy to read analogue dual-scale dial display. The display has an outer dial of 164 mm diameter graduated in 1-degree increments and an inner dial of 103 mm with a resolution of one-tenth of a degree. The MD68HRB is housed in a robust, compact aluminium enclosure fitted with a rotary encoder for controlling the level of background illumination. Finished in jet black to complement other marine navigation equipment, it is ideal for any vessel.
When multiple heading sources are available in the heading data (e.g. True and Magnetic) the MD68HRB automatically prioritises and indicates which heading source is in current use. The encoder has a pushbutton facility for an internal self-test.

Compact and rugged, the MD68HRB offers a steering repeater solution for digital heading data (ship’s heading) to be conveniently displayed and monitored at any convenient location on a vessel. Suitable where the available space is limited and may be either bulkhead or panel mounted.
The MD68HRB from MARINE DATA: Flexible in the application, easy to install and simple to maintain.


  • Dual Scale 36:1 precision concentric dial display suitable for Vessel Steering
  • Automatic selection and prioritisation of NMEA heading data type
  • Prioritisation of heading type: HDT (true), HDG (magnetic + variation), HDM (magnetic)
  • Automatic warning of loss of valid heading data and automatic detection of a previously lost heading data type without requiring a reset
  • Rotary dimming control with remote connection


  • Displaying True or Magnetic Heading Data transmitted from marine equipment compatible with NMEA 0183 (IEC 61162-1) (Gyro
    compass, TMC, EMC, GNSS Compass etc.)
  • High Resolution 36:1 Dual Scale Display for Vessel Steering


MD68TB Mounting Kit for the MD68 RangeMNE-0033 – MD68TB Trunnion Bracket Assembly

Bulkhead Mounting Kit for MD68 Series of equipment. Finished in Jet Black (RAL9005) Fine-Texture Powder Coat

Repeater Trunnion Bracket Assembly used for mounting the MD68 Range of Repeaters in either Bulkhead, Ceiling or Desktop positions.


By Marine Data

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 33.00 × 24.00 × 21.00 cm
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Item Measurements

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