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GEOLOG Dual Axis GNSS Speed Log System

SKU: SYS-0008

GEOLOG Standard System

Single sensor dual axis GNSS speed log system

The GEOLOG is a satellite-based replacement for a traditional ship’s Dual Axis log. It calculates fore and aft and athwartships ground speed in the direction of the ship heading.
The speed information is displayed on the X991 displays. And also may be distributed for use by RADAR and ECDIS.

In addition to displaying and distributing the dual-axis ground speed, the GEOLOG gives position. COG and SOG with accuracy better than standard GPS along with gyro heading. Also, if available, NMEA from the vessel EM/Speed LOG speed through the water.

The combination of GPS and GLONASS satellites achieves high accuracy measurement of speed. GEOLOG has the added advantage of being relatively unaffected by pitch and roll. Also, it suffers no issues from turbulence in the water, such as that found during thrusters or when being pushed/pulled by tugs.

In addition, GEOLOG provides accurate position fixes from the sensor and distance run records for the ground track.

  • Mean Velocity is better than +/- 0.01 knots 95% 0.03 knots
  • Position accuracy 95% better than +/-16 metre

By AMI Marine

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