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External Microphone for X2272/VR2272-B

SKU: MIC-0014

Microphone – External – for use with the X2272 and VR2272B Systems

The MIC-0014 external microphone is designed for use with the X2272 and VR2272B systems. It is also compatible with any equipment that requires an active microphone without self-test.

(Not compatible with any other system that the X2272 and VR2272B VDR and S-VDR system)


  • IP65 Weatherproof protection
  • 600ohm Balanced Audio Output to Reduce Interference
  • Automatic Self-Test Function for Continuous Operation
  • Environmental Controls for Audio Optimisation


  • 12Vdc Supplied from the Main Unit

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The X2272 simplified voyage data recorder is one of the most reliable and competitively priced systems on the market. As one of the most popular and well supported SVDR systems available, it conforms to all current IMO, IEC & SOLAS standards for vessels of 3,000gt or above.

Designed for easy and economic installation, the X2272 is the system of choice for retrofit vessels constructed before 1st July 2002. It offers an effective and dependable system for the retrieval of data in the event of an incident at sea.

The X2272 captures all mandatory information and stores it in an approved final recording media, the data storage capsule.

Data capture is fully automated and requires no action from the ship’s crew.

Additionally, an incident capture may be initiated by the crew which will save 12 hours of data.

Up to a further two days of ships data can be accessed from the system memory which is then overwritten on a continual loop process.

A minimum of 12 hours of historic playback data is recovered by downloading the information from the capsule onto a laptop computer or alternate storage devices.

The system continues recording data without interruption during the download process.

This modular system is compact and lightweight making it ideal for both large and small vessel bridges.

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X2272 S-VDR Data Sheet