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EchoPilot Platinum Engine Forward Looking Sonar

SKU: DAN-0013

EchoPilot’s Platinum Engine is a “Black Box” system that enables any Chartplotter, Multifunction Display, or PC with a video input to become a fully functional 2D colour Forward Looking Sonar (FLS).

Major Benefits

  • Forward Alarm
  • Speed Option
  • Real-Time System
  • Digital Depth
  • NMEA Input and Output

FLS provides the skipper entering strange harbours or difficult anchorages the extra safety of the seabed view and underwater obstructions ahead. Piloting unfamiliar or poorly charted waters, especially at night, becomes less stressful.

EchoPilot’s patented Real-time FLS uses an electronically controlled array to scan the seabed from straight ahead through 90° to straight down, like an underwater radar; the whole screen updated continuously. If the boat turns towards an obstruction or bank this will appear almost immediately on the screen and will disappear as quickly when the boat turns towards safer waters, unlike the steered transmit phased array system offered by some other manufacturers which may take a considerable time to update a full 90° sector.

Owners have the option of having EchoPilot FLS Platinum’s output displayed at the helm only, or additional EchoPilot Video Interface Boxes may be ‘daisy-chained’ to run 2 displays at different locations, each with its own keypad.

Easy installation involves a single, retractable transducer and a short cable leading to a transmitter box. The proximity of the transmitter box enhances performance and reduces noise. A simple Ethernet type cable, which may be extended from the standard 12m up to 100m, takes the display signal to a ‘Video Box’ with a remote keypad.

The keypad operates the sonar part of the display without the need to use the plotter or radar controls of the display. Composite Video and S-Video output are provided, along with all cables needed to attach to most video displays, marine or domestic.


  • 2 Dimension
  • Composite video output
  • S-video output
  • Auto gain
  • Auto/manual range
  • Max range ahead 200m
  • Max range down 100m
  • Digital depth
  • Speed option
  • Forward alarm
  • NMEA 0183 input and output
  • Colour-coded echo strength
  • Professional Transducer
  • Thru-hull bronze skin fitting
  • Aluminium or steel skin fitting (optional)
  • Standard Transducer (optional)

Standard Kit


  • Video Box
  • Keypad
  • Power & NMEA cable
  • Data Cable • Data cable
  • S Video cable (mini-din)
  • Composite video cable (phono)
  • Transmitter box
  • Pro Transducer
  • Thru-hull pro skin fitting & blanking cap
  • Shipping weight: approx. 4.5 kg

Optional Extra


Controls & Display on Multiple Screens or Stations

  • Video Box
  • Keypad
  • Power & NMEA cable
  • S Video cable (mini-din)
  • Composite Video cable (phono)
  • Shipping weight: approx. 2.5 kg


By Daniamant

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Additional information

Packed Weights & Dimensions

PLATINUM approx. 4.5 kg
PLATINUM VIDEO approx. 2.5 kg

Item Measurements

Transducers 14.6cm x 5.1cm

Packed Weights & Dimensions

PLATINUM approx. 4.5 kg
PLATINUM VIDEO approx. 2.5 kg

Item Measurements

Transducers 14.6cm x 5.1cm