CCTV Data Recorder for smaller vessels


AMI Marine’s new X-MDR with CCTV recording has been designed for smaller vessels which do not require a full SVDR/VDR system. This great ‘Black-box’ recorder is ideal for workboats, support vessels and other smaller vessels. It is also popular with office-based port authorities to assist in the monitoring of vessel traffic. CCTV & Data Recorder…

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The NEW X-VHFR Plus – It does more!


X-VHFR PLUS AUDIO & DATA RECORDER A system designed for peace of mind, the X-VHFR Plus is for those vessels exempt from carrying a VDR or SVDR System. It has proved ideal for verifying ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications, together with the associated date, time, and location of the vessel. This system provides a cost-effective means…

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