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Analogue to NMEA Interface INT-0057

SKU: INT-0057

The INT-0057 is a 12-channel, 24-bit Analog to NMEA Converter to convert voltages & currents to digital signals used in the marine industry.

Example equipment includes Thrusters, Engine Telegraph, Shaft RPM and other standard analogue data sources.
The NMEA Converter utilises a high precision 24bit A/D converter with digital filtering for excellent noise rejection, high accuracy and high reliability.

The INT-0057 outputs data through NMEA 0183 and TCP/IP-UDP (Ethernet) protocols simultaneously for interfacing with various ship equipment such as ECDIS, VDR, and RADAR.


  • High precision 24bit A/D Converter with Digital filter for excellent noise rejection.
  • Various input signals ranges for industry standard (0V~5V, ±5V, 0V~10V, ±10V, 4~20mA).
  • High input impedance produces no input signal loss (More than 500k ohm).
  • Supports both Single-ended and Differential type input signal.
  • Very High Common mode noise rejection (Larger than DC 100V).
  • Outputs an NMEA 0183 standard (XDR) and UDP (TCP/IP) datagram through 100BaseT Ethernet.
  • Supports IEC 61162-450 mode (Optional).

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INT-0057 Data Sheet