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Step Up Transformer for X960

SKU: TRA-0011

Step Up Transformer for X960 Synchro Interface

Raises the 45V synchro phase voltage to 90V for higher power receivers.

The Step Up Transformer is installed directly under the main X960 PCB. It can be installed in the factory or in the field.
No user configuration is necessary.

X960 NMEA to Synchro Interface

Low Power NMEA 0183 to Synchro Interface

The X960 interface converts serial NMEA 0183 data to a low-power synchro, resolver, or sine-cosine output signal with ratios from 1:1 to 360:1. Applications include refitting a ship with a new gyro, also whilst retaining the existing systems such as an autopilot.

The output will drive a single synchro motor or numerous electronic interfaces such as a gyro heading repeater, autopilot, wind direction, pitch and roll, and speed log.

  • Input heading or wind data
  • Synchro output 50v Ref, 10 to 35v Phase, various ratios available
  • Optional step-up transformer to lift the phase voltage to 90V
  • Suitable for digital repeaters or feeding a Synchro distribution
  • High Precision Modification Available on Request

Specialist applications are to re-generate synchro signals from recorded data. The X960 has numerous modes of operation. Also, it is able to produce a sine-cosine or resolver output. Therefore, it suits military coarse-fine servo loop applications on certain gyro retrofits.

The signal output voltage is adjustable up to 35 volts maximum. Therefore, the X960 is ideal for many applications, such as driving Anschutz repeaters or even some higher voltage synchros, which will follow at lower voltages.

The sine-cosine or resolver output type (e.g. 400 Hz) can be used to feed autopilots, which provide their own reference. Provision is made for external reference input.

Also, see other interfacing models available.

By AMI Marine Limited

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31.00 × 25.00 × 26.00 cm
Item Measurements

165 x 210 x 30mm – 650g

Packed Weights & Dimensions

31 x 25 x 26cm – 1.1kg

Item Measurements

165 x 210 x 30mm – 650g

Packed Weights & Dimensions

31 x 25 x 26cm – 1.1kg

X960 Data Sheet