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SR4 Class A Compass

SKU: JLG-0010

The SR4 Class A Compass is designed to meet SOLAS requirements; John Lilley and Gillie’s SR4 compass is the best Class A compass on the market.


The design of the SR4 magnetic compass revolutionised the way the magnetic compass was produced, with the body created out of a polycarbonate compound, which has two main benefits.

First, it does not have the leaking problems that traditional brass compasses suffer. Any leak in a magnetic compass can cause air bubbles on top of the compass, leading to difficulty reading the heading accurately. The production methods and materials used in the John Lilley and Gillie SR4 compass completely resolve this problem.

Secondly, almost all of the unit is transparent, which allows more light to reach the compass card, improving visibility.

Since introducing the SR4 compass in 2010, John Lilley and Gillie have sold several thousand units to satisfied customers worldwide with no warranty returns, proving the high quality of the workmanship and design.

The SR4 compass is fully compatible with the John Lilley and Gillie binnacle systems. Our binnacles are designed to allow full compass correction and are all approved for all vessels.


  • Class A-approved compass
  • Card diameter 175mm
  • Suitable for vessels of any size
  • Pre-drilled mountings for the TMC sensor
  • Binnacle or bracket mount
  • Externally gimbaled
  • Available in a variety of pin lengths for flexible fitting


In addition, the base of the SR4 comes pre-drilled for use with our GS820 and GS520 TMC systems with additional mounting holes for a wide range of TMCs.

The SR4 can also be fitted without a binnacle independently in either a desk mount or overhead deckhead mount. When mounted overhead the compass can be read using a mirror arrangement.

JLG-0010 Bracket Mounting SR4 for overhead mounting, c/w LED Lighting, Mirror
JLG-0011 Bracket Mounting SR4 for desk mounting, c/w LED Lighting

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SR4 Data Sheet