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QK-A016 Battery Monitor with NMEA 0183 output

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QK-A016 Battery Monitor with NMEA 0183 output

  • High precision battery monitor, measure voltage, current and capacity
  • Display the remaining time at the current rate of discharge and charge status
  • NMEA 0183 format messages output
  • Wide input voltage range: 10.5V – 100V
  • Suitable for most types of batteries including lithium battery, lead-acid battery
  • High current measurement resolution,0.01Amp, with a current shunt
  • User-programmable alarm function

The QK-A016 is a high precision battery monitor and can be used for boats, campers, caravans and other devices using a battery. The A016 measures the voltage, current, ampere-hours consumed and the remaining time at the current rate of discharge. It provides a wide range of battery information. The programmable alarm allows the user to set up the capacity/voltage warning buzzer.

The A016 is compatible with most types of batteries in the market including lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.

The A016 outputs the standard NMEA 0183 format messages so the current, voltage and capacity information can be combined with the NMEA 0183 system on the boat and shown on the supported


How to install a marine heading sensor


The display shows the state of charge on the screen. The following image provides what the displayed values indicate:

  • Remaining capacity percentage. This shows the percentage of the actual full-charge capacity of the battery.
  • Remaining capacity in Amp-hours.
  • Real voltage. Displays of the real voltage level of the battery.
  • Real current. The current display informs of the current load or charge of the battery
  • Real Power. This shows the power rate being consumed while discharging or supplied while charging
  • Time-to-go. Shows an estimate of how long the battery will sustain a load. Indicates the time remaining until the battery is completely discharged when the battery is discharging. The remaining time will be calculated from the residual capacity and the real-time current.
  • Battery symbol. When the battery is being charged it will cycle to show it is filling. When the battery is full the symbol will be shaded

NMEA 0183 output

The A016 outputs the real-time voltage, current, and capacity (in per cent) via the NMEA 0183 output. This raw data can be monitored using any serial port monitor software or apps on mobile devices. Alternatively, apps such as OceanCross can be used to view the end-user information.
The output sentence format is shown below:
1       2   3   4   5    6
|        |    |    |     |      |
1: Prefixer (Talker ID), fixed as IIXDR.
2: Measurement type. Where U is for voltage, I is for current, G is for capacity;
3: Measurement data.
4: Units of measurement.
5: Name of device, fixed as A016.
6: Checksum.
$IIXDR,U,12.10,V,A016,*CS —-the current voltage is 12.1V
$IIXDR,I,2.1,A,A016,*CS —-the present current is 2.1Amp
$IIXDR,G,64.0,%,A016,*CS —-the current capacity(remain) is 64.0%

The voltage, current and capacity information can be shown via Apps on a mobile phone (Android),e,g, OceanCross.

What’s included?

  • QK-A016 display
  • 100 Amp shunt
  • Monitoring cable
  • NMEA 0183 output cable

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