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PORTAGAUGE® 6 Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

SKU: COL-0023

Multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge

The Portagauge® 6 is a multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge for measuring thicknesses of various metals and hard plastics, which ignores any coating up to 20mm in thickness. It comes with a built-in datalogger to store up to 200,000 thickness measurements and minimum thickness alarm functionality. 

Multi-Echo Capability & Ignores Paint Coating


Easily measure material thickness through paint layers/coatings without removing them. It can ignore paint coatings up to 20mm in thickness, giving you the material’s true thickness readings accurate to +/—0.1mm.

The Portagauge® 6 ultrasonic thickness gauge measures through protective coatings, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements. This helps you to determine the level of corrosion or erosion without the risk of causing further corrosion damage.

Perfect Companion for Wall Thickness Measurements

The Portagauge® 6 multi-echo ultrasonic thickness gauge is a highly accurate and reliable thickness gauge for measuring the thicknesses of various metals and hard plastics, developed to meet BS EN 15317:2013, which is the standard for ultrasonic testing, characterisation and verification of ultrasonic thickness measuring equipment.

Some of the features of the Portagauge® 6 are:Portagauge-6-product-images-610x610px-5-e1718116322455-300x181

  1. Built-in database of 14+ different materials containing speed of sound data and an option to enter custom materials
  2. Measurement units available in both metric (millimetres) and imperial (inches)
  3. A-scan and oscilloscope trace functionality is included to assist your measurements
  4. Datalogging – Save readings directly with a press of a button
  5. For marine applications – meets Classification Society requirements and has an LCD backlight to allow working in dark, poor visibility spaces
  6. Battery life up to 12 hours continuous use on a standard 9V PP3 battery for easy replacement, with battery saving mode – turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity
  7. USB Power Connection—When plugged into a power source via the USB port, the Portagauge® 6 will run on USB power, preserving battery life and allowing continuous use if connected to mains power.

Portagauge-6-product-images-610x610px-4What’s In The Box

  • Portagauge® 6 Main Unit: Handheld and battery-operated main electronic unit
  • Standard 2.5 MHz (Model No. DE2.5-14) Dual-Element Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Sensor: The most robust and widely used sensor option for metal thickness measurements
  • 5mm Metal Test Block:25mm x 25mm metal block which is 5mm thick for testing if the equipment is   operating correctly
  • Ultrasonic Couplant: To ensure good contact between the sensor and the material
  • User Manual: Contains further information regarding the functionality of the instrument and how to use
  •   Calibration Certificate: As evidence that the unit has been tested and shown to be working before dispatch
  •   Robust Carrying Case: For portability and ease of carrying the equipment

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By Coltraco