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Navmaster ECDIS 800 MKIII

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Navmaster ECDIS 800 MKIII

Navmaster ECDIS is an established Electronic Chart Display and Information System, incorporating the input of many navigators and Type-approved to the latest IMO standards.
Designed to deliver clear functionality and ease of use in a familiar MS Windows environment, Navmaster ECDIS provides traditional navigation skills in a modern software application. The ECDIS hardware elements are well-suited for installation on new builds and are simple to retrofit into existing bridge layouts.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced route planning & plan documentation
  • GPS, gyro, speed log, AIS, ARPA, heading, depth, and wind as standard
  • Easy chart install & updating via email or the internet
  • Onscreen access to all main commands
  • Admiralty AIO, TotalTide & e-Navigator compatible
  • Autopilot control
  • Voyage data replay for incident analysis & training
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Modular hardware for easy installation
  • Type-specific Training & Certification onboard*
  • Radar image overlay unit – simple to retrofit*
  • Pay As You Sail*
  • Single ECDIS can be upgraded to dual via network cable*

Items marked *are options

Real-time route monitoring

Navmaster ECDIS automatically displays primary and secondary positions and provides vital voyage information, including:

  • Data from all interfaced sensors
  • ARPA & AIS target data
  • Heading indicator & forward prediction
  • Scaled ship outline
  • Warnings & alarms: anti-grounding, safety contours, off-track, wheel over,
    critical point etc
  • Automatic logbook plus manual entry
  • Navigator’s toolkit for drawing lines, points, and areas on charts with text
  • Manual fixing & event recording
  • Logs & Chart status reports – can be exported in MS Office formats
  • UKHO AIO & TotalTide integrated
  • AIO implementation includes route-checking against both T&P Notices to Mariners and ENC-specific NTMs

Route planning

Navmaster’s route planning is unique among ECDIS systems and superior to the norm. The resulting passage plan report can be used to conform to the ISM Code and to Company quality requirements.

  • Separate WPT & route databases for efficient planning
  • Notes can be stored for each WPT & transferred to routes
  • Detailed passage plan includes instructions & notes
  • Plan report customised with Company name & logo
  • Databases exportable to MS Office formats
  • Passage plans can be emailed to head offices
  • Import/export routes from UKHO e-Navigator
  • Import/export routes from MeteoConsult SPOS

ARPA & radar image

ARPA targets are continuously monitored with additional data shown in the side panel.

  • Unlimited ARPA targets
  • Automatic storage of target data
  • Commands are quickly accessible from the toolbar
  • GoTo target button when the target is not on the current chart
  • Radar image overlay option – simple to retrofit


Combined with ARPA, AIS provides the navigator with a comprehensive presentation of the traffic situation.

  • Unlimited AIS targets
  • Information filtered between Static, Dynamic and Voyage data
  • Quick View button to display text labels
  • All targets accessible inside the panel
  • Easy upload of Own Ship voyage data to AIS receiver

Voyage data record & playback

Navmaster’s VDR feature automatically captures all own and other vessel data without crew action, stores the data
compressed and encrypted, enabling voyages to be reconstructed.

This provides vital evidence in the event of an incident, helps to resolve insurance claims and offers a trial manoeuvre and training tool. To playback voyages on another PC requires an office-based Navmaster installation.

  • Unlimited data capture period (default 90 days)
  • User-defined auto-delete interval
  • Playback in real-time speeded up or slowed down
  • Navmaster features are fully operational in the playback
  • The vessel outline is drawn with a heading marker & direction vector

Training & Certification

A complete DVD course that trains, tests AND certifies crews – without leaving the ship.
Please ask for a separate brochure.

Modular hardware

All components (processor, displays, trackball, keyboard, break-out box) are type-approved individually and as part of Navmaster ECDIS. Modular components offer flexibility at installation and easier maintenance.
The separate break-out box with 8 NMEA ports makes it simple to disconnect any single component and attach a
substitute in the event of a problem. There are no hidden extras – Navmaster ECDIS is shipped and ready for installation.

  • 24” LCD display, excellent brightness/contrast, direct dimming control, laminated glass screen,
    and a high-output alarm speaker. Certified to IEC60945. Brackets are available for desktop/console mount.
    630 x 467 x 137mm, weight 20.5kg.
  • Interface box grouping all NMEA in/out ports into a single unit external to the ECDIS. Easy to unplug connections in the event of a replacement. Provides 8 x NMEA0183 inputs and 4 x NMEA outputs. 191 x 71 x 29mm,
    weight 0.18kg.
  • Intel i5 Quad-core, 4GB RAM, 60Gb solid-state hard drive, dual monitor support. Certified to IEC60945. 6 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0, 2U 19” rack-mount case with brackets. 433w (excl brackets), 483w (inc. brackets) x 400d x 88h, weight 10.2kg.
  • 19” high-quality TFT display, sleek design, LED backlight technology, full dimming. Certified to IEC60945.
    Console-ready. Brackets are available for desktop/deckhead mounting. 429 x 382 x 74.5mm, weight 8.2kg.

Pedestal available, please get in touch with us for details.

Aftercare and service

JLG aim to provide customers with first-class support and to build long-term relationships. The quality and promptness of post-sale support are very important and can significantly reduce running costs. We
can project-manage installation at a location of your choice, and we offer:

  • Remote Diagnostics for efficient problem-solving
  • Direct access to ECDIS for trouble-shooting (requires Internet)
  • Knowledgeable PC Maritime staff for personal support
  • Support contract for unlimited advice & free upgrades to allow for regulatory changes
  • 24-month hardware warranty
  • Planned maintenance & onboard spares service
  • E-chart supply & updating – PC Maritime is a Chart Agent for ukho, Jeppesen, Primar and all official chart manufacturers


  • ECDIS processor, including software
  • Trackball
  • Keyboard
  • NMEA connection box (8 in / 4 out)
  • Choice of monitor
  • 19” ECDIS Monitor with panel mount
  • 24” Widescreen ECDIS Monitor with panel mount

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 76.00 × 61.00 × 61.00 cm
Item Measurements

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Packed Weights & Dimensions

50g – 76 x 61 x 61cm

Item Measurements

Please see Data Sheet

Packed Weights & Dimensions

50g – 76 x 61 x 61cm