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External Microphone for X2 VDR/S-VDR

SKU: MIC-0011

Microphone – External – 3 wire for use with the X2 VDR & S-VDR Systems

The MIC-0011 microphone for external use is designed and approved for use with X2 VDR & S-VDR Systems, using three wire technology for retrofit simplicity.


  • IP65 Weatherproof protection
  • 600ohm Balanced Audio Output to Reduce Interference
  • Automatic Self-Test Function for Continuous Operation
  • Environmental Controls for Audio Optimisation


  • 12Vdc Supplied from the X2 Main Electronic Unit

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The X2 VDR voyage data recorder has been designed with the combination of a high-performance main processor and Solid-State technology. Consequently, this offers extremely reliable performance with a superior user experience.

Exceeding the MSC.333(90) regulations, the X2 has been designed as a fit and forget system.

Additionally, its high quality 8” (or 9.7”) touch screen can be a useful bridge monitoring tool.

Real-time Data Displays

The main user interface is intuitive and user friendly, allowing seamless access to the recording data in real-time along with simple indications in the event of sensor loss. All data is easily viewed, including separate Radar and ECDIS images, audio channels, storage information and all recorded bridge and navigation data.

The colour touch screen display can easily switch between daytime and night vision mode for operation in darkness.
An incident marker control is present on each page to allow the user to add an entry into the event log for ease of data playback, with a “test on-demand” feature that tests all aspects of the system as required.

Retrofit Speciality

Retrofit installations are quick and easy thanks to the VDR’s three-wire microphone solution.

  •  Use existing cabling – no need to run new cables

In addition, the new larger cable management system accommodates bulky VGA connectors and thick power cables to pass into the main unit along with the smaller data cables.

Plentiful Storage

The internal Solid-State drive has a capacity of 1TB. This, therefore, allows for around 60 days of storage, double that of the required 30 days as specified by MSC.333(90) regulations.

Replay Software

The AMI Marine Replay software is unique due to having ‘Audio Scan’ and ‘Jump to Incident’ functions to provide intuitive data review by engineers, ship’s crew, and accident investigators.

The data download process is straightforward using a laptop or Office PC connected to the Ethernet port of the touch screen display. The provided download software allows the operator to choose data from the desired time period. Also, with the replay software and configuration files.

By AMI Marine

X2 VDR Data Sheet